‘Among Us’ players enticed to play new game ‘Project Winter’

Among Us players can now shift to Project Winter, a 3D interactive game that helps all players do their tasks and catch the imposter.

For all the Among Us fans out there, there is a surprise up the sleeve. If you are looking for a new game, then Project Winter is here to surprise ardent fans.

What is the game about?

We have all come to adore Among Us as a game. This game, once developed by indie developers, leapt as a major streaming game all around Twitch.

It is phenomenal and deserves all its popularity, but as every good thing comes to an end, Among Us players are looking for a substitute option.

Gamers are always in search of something new. This is when Project Winter has been rolled out. Project Winter is essentially a 3D version of Among Us.

There is a broader set of mechanics and a unique set of roles that players can dig into. For example, Among Us‘s classic game only allows crewmates to perform only a certain kind of task.

But right here in Project Winter, players can dive into different locations and explore the whole map. You are set to play in a remote arctic cabin with an imposter hiding among you.

Players have to complete all the tasks before they can call in for the chopper and then escape.

Is the narrative the same as Among Us?

The imposters here are called the traitors. The group’s traitors are meant to sabotage the players’ plan so that they cannot escape the cabin and win the game.

The visuals are simple, but it has a charming touch to it. The gameplay mechanics are weirdly addictive, and you will have to wait for the card to swipe, again and again, to complete the task.

Each player is appointed their set of tasks that they have to finish to win. Project Winter cannot be called a necessary replacement for Among Us. This game has much narrative set of its own.

There are some essential upgrades in most areas that the first game lacks. It even consists of raw, several smart ideas of its own. The gameplay is intense, and you need to concentrate on catching the imposter.

The good thing is, you can buy this game at a lower price. At the recent Stream Winter Sale, Project Winter is being sold at only $11.52 for players.


Image courtesy of GameTrailers/YouTube Screenshot

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