‘Among Us’ received 70% of its downloads in 45 days


Innersloth’s hit impostor simulation title Among Us recently became a breakout hit. As a matter of fact, 70% of its lifetime downloads came over the last 45 days.

Among Us saw its downloads rise by as much as 600%, according to data analysis firm Sensor Tower. As streamers and Youtubers picked the game up, players start coming in droves. Even then, new data also underscores that success does not mean profit.

Innersloth’s space Mafia received 86 million downloads

According to the estimates, the mobile version of the game received over 86 million downloads. Since 2018, App Store and Google Play comprised most of the game’s player base. What’s remarkable, however, is that 70% of the game’s downloads came within 45 days.

In August, Innersloth’s game started gaining Steam, getting 18.4 million downloads. These numbers were a 661% rise against their July numbers, which were decent as they are. The first two weeks of September created 42 million downloads.

Recently, the Washington-based studio announced they had 1.5 million concurrent players. With how fun the game is, everyone will be hard-pressed to say the game isn’t successful. The title is successful, but only up to a certain point.

Success doesn’t always turn into profit in the games industry

In the games industry, a rousing success doesn’t always translate to profits. Grim Fandango, a legendary point and click title, was a commercial failure. Its modest sales contributed to the death of the entire genre.

Okami is another legendary, innovative title with superb gameplay. Many game developers cite this game as an influence on their creations. Even then, the game was a commercial failure until its recent re-release.


Among Us is one of those titles at the moment. It is a wildly popular game, with download numbers that should translate to success. Even then, Sensor Tower says Innersloth only earned $3.2 million on mobile.

The mobile version of the game is free to play. The game earns money from microtransactions that offer hats, skins, and costumes. The title still has tons of potential, but as of yet the game is not a big commercial success.

Innersloth’s game, however, still has a ton of potential to it. At the moment, the game only has three maps and a handful of skins for MTX. It doesn’t help that the skins are not very enticing right now.

Among Us is a great, fun game with the aura of Fall Guys and underhandedness of Trouble in Terrorist Town. The game is available on PC and mobile, with players having crossplay with other platforms. It’s a superb game that’s a must-play for everyone.


Images courtesy of Innersloth/Youtube Screenshot

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