‘Among Us’ speedrun: What does it mean and how to achieve?

Among Us is a multiplayer game that comes with a choice of gaming and helps players to speedrun in two situations.

In certain situations, players have often used the term “speedrun,” but it has been confusing. The speedrun terminology in Among Us has been disabled for quite a few reasons.

Developers once marked that this feature’s use can give players a good chance to escape from the imposter.

Nevertheless, the Among Us players have opted for two types of situations to participate in.

Speedrunning their way through different tasks in the game

Speedrunning in tasks can be done when the players are entirely focused on solving their tasks, one after the other.

This is done on a personal level without group coordination as the player is asked individually to complete all the tasks required to have an excellent chance of being caught or killed by the game’s imposter.

One of the main benefits of speedrunning is completing the whole game before the imposter kills everyone.

Among Us gives players the complete capability to save their crewmates, while the tasks are underway.

Meanwhile, speedrunning tasks are hazardous as the players are asked to visit different locations on the map that can get them killed.

For example, a player should ask few crewmates to follow them while doing the tasks and do it coordinately.

Speedrunning votes in “Among Us”

This is another type of speedrun in Among Us that players do most of the time.

When they are asked to gather around the table for a meeting, every player votes on the evidence they have collected and without being influenced or hearing about what the other crewmates have to say.

The vote is done on the target and based on limited evidence collected from the player’s end.

For example, if a single player suspects that “Cyan” is the imposter and has seen “Cyan” vent, then the voting will be done based on the evidence collected.

As most players know, Among Us is a multiplayer game. Every single month, the game is crossing various types of milestones and more downloads.

Speedrunning is a better technique to play various games at the same time.

Sometimes, the game’s pace can be plodding as most of the players waste their time choosing who the imposter is.

A speedrun is a better technique that helps all the players mix up the game’s pace and evade the game’s imposter.


Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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