‘Among Us’ Subreddit closed after raid by meme spammers

A relentless meme raid that was spammed in a Subreddit temporarily went down as bots were forced to remove it immediately.

Among Us is a multiplayer game herded by crewmates and imposters playing against each other. The player-run community of Among Us on Reddit unexpectedly went private as bots were asked to remove threads that spammed the whole platform.

The subreddit’s moderators are working together to solve the issue. But the incident is quite unprecedented for a subreddit of a big game such as Among Us

Among Us – a popular game of 2020

Among Us is one of the most popular games of 2020The game became a sleeper hit in the two months this year, even though it was launched two years ago.

The COVID-19 pandemic has likely to play a massive role in the success of the game.

As people were asked to quarantine themselves, most of them resorted to multiplayer games to chat and interact with strangers.

United State Congress Representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, used the game’s help and raised awareness for the 2020 elections. It was one of the most viewed videos on the Twitch platform.

As success came, the Among Us fan community had to deal with some growing pains. Reddit is one of the biggest platforms, which helps users to share threads.

So a recently spammed thread in Reddit was asked to be taken down for spamming the online website.

Users inquired more about the issue

Reddit user LiquidInferno25 inquired about the game subreddit going unexpectedly private.

The subreddit was raided by a spam bot that continuously posted one or two same memes. It was done over some time.

The result was that hundreds of spambots’ posts flooded the front page of the subreddit section.

The moderators were asked to put the subreddit on restricted mode. Until the issue was solved, the moderators made the subreddit server completely private to remove and reinvite all the moderators.

LiquidInferno25 post was met by many various comments and jokes. The spambots’ issue was an opportunity for Reddit users to make appropriate “imposter jokes.”

Spambots are becoming a harder nuisance on Reddit as they have spammed more than 100 subreddits in 2020. The technology used behind them is more than unsettling.

The Among Us subreddit is one of the many communities that have fallen victim to spambots’ action. This is also a lesson for sub moderators to learn about the mistakes and from letting anyone in.


Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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