‘Among Us’ update is out; A new map is coming soon!

Among Us now has an update from the developer Innersloth. Reports are suggesting that a new map may come out soon from the studio.

Among Us is one of the surprise hits in pop culture. When it came to the market in 2018, almost no one seemed to care about it. But ever since it got a spike in popularity, it keeps itself on the top of it.

“Among Us,” the suspicious hit

According to Gadgets NDTV, Among Us is a game developed by American studio Innersloth. The game is set in a location where up to ten players are put in a spaceship. They have to complete the assigned tasks on the ship and find the crew’s impostors, who will try to sabotage the plans and kill everyone. The crewmates should identify and kick the crew’s impostors by voting after a meeting and discussion.

The game came to Android and iOS in June 2018 but did not have a big player base. The game was also available to download on Steam in November 2018. The studio, though it did not get successful, worked on it.

The game suddenly got a huge player count during the pandemic lockdown due to famous YouTubers and Twitch streamers playing it. It became one of the most played games this year and has attained a pop culture place.

The game now has received an update from the publisher. This news came from the official Among Us Steam community, TechRaptor.

The update includes an anonymous voting process and taskbar modes. New symbols are added in the wire-fixing task to help colorblind gamers. The studio has also fixed bugs in the game and improved the gameplay.

All votes will appear as grey in the anonymous voting process, allowing players to play with more stealth and caution. A new taskbar setting will allow players always to see the taskbar during the meetings or never.

Plans and a new map

Innersloth has announced the plans for the game. The game will allow players to create accounts, make friend lists, and report spam accounts.

Marcus Bromander, a co-founder of Innersloth, stated on Twitter that the game would support 12-15 players per server in the future. It also makes the game playable for colorblind people, and it is an experimental process.

The game is now getting professional translation support to allow many people to play. The game will also get a new map bigger than the Polus map present now. The new map will be Henry Stickmin themed, which is one of the studio’s previous ventures.

The studio has announced that it will not promise the things are coming out for the players but will play loose and tackle challenges to bring what is best for them.

Image courtesy of o_m/Shutterstock

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