‘Among Us’ works on its server issues by taking a look at ‘Apex Legends’

Among Us is one of the most played games of 2020, but developers are looking for new hacks from Apex Legends due to server updates.

Aside from hackers going for walks rampant in lobbies, among us suffers from this severe quitter problem.

Players will be inclined to cease the game while others cannot control their characters, which ruins the complete fit for every person in the game.

Currently, there is no punishment for leaving a game early or once you die or if you don’t get the position you need. However, gamers have been clamoring for a quitting penalty for months.

InnerSloth is working on the server updates every time

According to InnerSloth, the team is hardworking, and they are readily aware of the server updates in the game Among Us.

“We have got this issue for a long time now. Players have sent us a lot of concerns and emails regarding this matter and we are looking forward to work on the server updates of the game. The common problem which we have seen over time is the server connectivity issue which can cause a lot of problems, even if the player has joined the lobby. Our team is working on the fix but we cannot guarantee a positive answer right now.”

Innersloth lately delivered a five-minute ban for each person who intentionally leaves a game for three instances. However, players have discovered ways to bypass that punishment.

The title also doesn’t notify gamers that there can be repercussions if they depart, like on-line titles Apex Legends and Overwatch.

The new conduct of the game will be counted as a penalty

Apex Legends have already covered the issue, and developers are trying to take some lessons from the game. Developers have said that the lobby issues have happened in this game as well.

Attempting to leave the game midway might display the message that warns gamers they’ll be penalized if they choose to leave, much like in the aforementioned games.

Many players don’t understand that the main issue can happen for leaving the game midway, and it can cause problems for the already joined players in the lobby.

“The idea is to understand a proper way through which the game will not be affected midway, and you shall not be disconnected from the server as well.”

“Apex Legends have already taken the scope, but we are trying to include something similar for the game.”

Image courtesy of Clash Universe/YouTube Screenshot

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