Amy Poehler might appear in ‘Russian Doll’ season 2

Amy Poehler to guest-star in ‘Russian Doll’ season 2

The series creator may be appearing on the other side of the camera for Russian Doll season 4.

Viewers may see Amy Poehler in Russian Doll season 2. Reports say that Poehler will be in two episodes on a guest-starring role. There is no confirmation yet as to what character she will play.

Amy Poehler is a familiar face for the cast and crew of Russian Doll. The Emmy winner is a co-creator and co-producer for the Netflix comedy series. She also helped lead star Natasha Lyonne to write the first two episodes, earning them an Emmy nomination.

Netflix puts second season production on hold

Last month, Netflix suspended the filming and production of its shows, including Russian Doll season 2. The order came from the company’s executives who were concerned about the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the production crew.

Based on a report, the second season of the Natasha Lyonne series will continue casting and writing work for now. The series had not yet started filming for its upcoming season.

The comedy series may not return to the streaming platform until next year.

What to look forward to in Russian Doll season 2

Right now, not much is known about the second season of Russian Doll. One of the factors considered in the production postponement is the impossibility of international travel at this time.

The second season will reportedly feature scenes shot in a different country. Also, the first season ended with Nadia (played Lyonne) and Alan (Charlie Barnett) walking down a tunnel. A large parade greeted them, which a lot of viewers thought was a clue that they already accepted their death.

Russian Doll producer Leslye Headland developing Star Wars series

Meanwhile, Leslye Headland will pause on Russian Doll season 2 to develop a new Star Wars series. The series will reportedly be part of a set of new content that will drop on Disney+ next year.

According to a report, the series will be a female-centric action thriller that is set in an alternate timeline.  The new series will be the second TV series set in the Star Wars universe on Disney+ after The Mandalorian. Two other Star Wars series are also in active development for the streaming service.

Headland serves as a co-creator of the Natasha Lyonne series. It is still unclear how the new Star Wars series will affect her commitment to Russian Doll season 2.

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