Amy Schumer appears on ‘Ellen Show,’ makes Ellen DeGeneres laugh with her fake legs

Amy Schumer appears on 'Ellen Show,' makes Ellen DeGeneres laugh with her fake legs

Amy Schumer recently spoke with Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen Show.

The comedian didn’t visit the Ellen Show studio. But a high-tech green screen made it seem as though Amy Schumer was talking to DeGeneres in person.

Amy Schumer dons fake legs on ‘Ellen Show’

Schumer and DeGeneres’ hilarious conversation kicked off with the former showing off her fake legs on the screen. As such, it looked as though Schumer was wearing a bright yellow skirt when she’s not.

The comedian spoke with DeGeneres from her house in Martha’s Vineyard. And after making fun of her fake legs, the two women’s conversation turned serious. They spoke about Schumer’s pregnancy struggles, as well as her involvement with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Amy Schumer talks about her daily Black Lives Matter protests

According to Schumer, she has been conducting daily protests in honor of the Black Americans that have been killed by the police. Her daily protests are held at 10:30 a.m. daily on Martha’s Vineyard.

“We decided to come back the next day at 10:30 to kneel for George Floyd, and we’ve met every morning since the beginning of June. Every day, we honor the life of a different person of color whose life was stolen by law enforcement,” Schumer said.

'Ellen Show' guests 

‘Expecting Amy’ on HBO

Amy Schumer also dished on her difficult pregnancy after suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum or extreme morning sickness. The comedian documented her experiences via the docuseries Expecting Amy.

“We started filming on our cell phones. I think it was actually, in retrospect, a defense mechanism, because I was so sick and I felt like having a witness — like I wasn’t going through it alone. People cannot stop giving you advice while you’re pregnant — I don’t know if you know that. Everyone was telling me I had to do prenatal yoga, that it would help with childbirth. So I obviously signed up immediately for a C-section,” she said.

‘Ellen Show’ guests

Since Ellen Show premiered last week, DeGeneres has already spoken to a slew of celebrities. Tiffany Haddish visited the Ellen Show set for an in-person interview. Alec Baldwin and Kerry Washington were interviewed by DeGeneres from the comfort of their own homes.

Other than Amy Schumer, DeGeneres also interviewed Blake Shelton and Tristan Harris this week. She will also be talking to Jason Sudeikis, America’s Got Talent winner, Brandon Leake, Chris Rock, Kalen Allen, and World of Dance winners, MDC 3.

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