An Apple Ring is reportedly in early stages of development

New reports have revealed that a new patent has been filed for what’s being currently called an Apple Ring, as per early information.

At the moment, an Apple Ring is reportedly in the early stages of development. The newly filed patent from the company reveals a device that can interpret a user’s hands’ gestures.

It seems like a new kind of wearable gadget is about to make its arrival soon.

Apple Ring: Everything you need to know

Apple is constantly working on its goal of completely knowing its users via its devices. And the newly-revealed patent application is clear proof of that.

Firstly, it introduced Ultra-Wideband (UMB) chips in its iPhones more than a year ago. They help in locating similar devices very easily and quickly.

Focus is also high on self-mixing interferometry (SMI) sensors regarding the detection of people.

And now there’s an introduction of “Self-Mixing Interferometry-Based Gesture Input System Including a Wearable or Handheld Device,” read the application.

The rumored Apple Ring and its ways of detecting the gestures are pointing towards a new wearable accessory.

Here’s the description as per the patent application itself:

“When the system includes only one SMI sensor… the processor may determine, for example, the motion of the [ring] (and thus a motion of the user).”

It implies that an Apple Ring might help in increasing the functionality of another device. For example, the Pencil and its usage may improve using the ring because it will read a user’s finger movements properly.

New products coming in 2021

The California tech giant is trying to accomplish a lot of objectives at the moment. But it always works on each thing gradually.

After witnessing tremendous success in 2020 despite the pandemic, it’s back to the usual business. Preparations are going on for its next slate of events and products.

This month itself is about to reveal the first Apple event of 2021. And among the awaited launches are AirTags and AirPods Studio. Both of them faced a delay last year due to some issues.

Furthermore, there will be the much-anticipated WWDC in June. Although it once again expected to be virtual due to Coronavirus safety measures. Its main highlight will be the new software version iOS 15.

Like iOS 14, the next software update is said to come out with many new privacy-based features. It might introduce a slightly modified UI as well.

An Apple Ring may be far away at the moment, but before this year ends, the company will announce the next iPhone lineup. Ongoing rumors and speculations claim it to be notch-less and even portless!


Image courtesy of Nana Dua/Pexels

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