An unknown ‘WandaVision’ villain might be revealed soon!

A new theory suggests that an unknown WandaVision villain might be hiding in plain sight. And it’s none other than the High Evolutionary!

According to Comicbook, among Mephisto and The Grim Reaper’s rumors, another WandaVision villain might be hiding in plain sight. And it may be none other than the High Evolutionary. The Disney Plus MCU show stars Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) and Paul Bettany (Vision).

Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t watched the show yet. Continue reading at your own risk.

WandaVision: What’s going on?

Speaking in detail, the High Evolutionary is also known as Herbert Edgar Wyndham. He has been a part of Marvel comics since the 1960s. The Eastern European scientist had an obsession with creating a “perfect human.” But it resulted in the creation of many animal-human hybrids. In the comics, his experiment subjects include names like Jessica Drew, who becomes Spider-Woman eventually.

In comparison, other mutants lose their powers due to his tests. However, his connection with the WandaVision series might be an interesting one to note. Because in the comics, he was related to the storyline of Wanda’s as well her brother Pietro Maximoff’s birth. Bova Ayshire, a cow-human hybrid, found the twins’ mother Magda giving birth. While she was in pain on a mountain, Bova Ayshire served as her midwife. After Magda’s death, Bova took the children to the High Evolutionary.

Now how does the villain enter the WandaVision plot? It can be found out with the help of knowing about Herb. He’s one of their neighbors in Westview. His name could be just a generic one instead of being an original one. And a recent trailer of the series showed that he’d been identified by the S.W.O.R.D already. That is, he has a civilian name as well as a driver’s license. However, his name, in Westview, is very close to the High Evolutionary’s. How?

Well, looking carefully throughout the three episodes so far, via Easter Eggs, firstly, there was an advertisement featuring Bova Milk in the second episode. Later in the series, Herb offers Vision a stick of Big Red gum. It could be a reference to High Evolutionary’s costume in crimson-color.  Then Herb was holding several cutting devices as well. In Episode 3, he saws a fence in half, which could directly reference the High Evolutionary “splicing” DNA. Thus, it leads to one definite conclusion. Herb might be the unknown villain of WandaVision!

MCU titles coming in the future

Meanwhile, apart from the Scarlet Witch and Vision’s story, MCU will expand significantly in the future. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing a lot of delays. WandaVision is the first installment in phase four. After that, Falcon and the Winter Soldier will make its way on the Disney+ streaming service. But due to the virus cases, awaited movies like Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and Eternals are now moving further.


Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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