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Ana de Armas a gold digger, used Ben Affleck for fame: Rumor


Ana de Armas has been dubbed as a gold digger following her split from Ben Affleck.

The exes started dating shortly after they starred in a new movie together. But after just 8 months, Ana de Armas and Affleck shocked the world when multiple publications announced their split.

As of late, de Armas and Affleck haven’t addressed the reports. But Globe is already convinced that the Cuban actress used her ex-boyfriend for fame.

Did Ana de Armas use Ben Affleck for fame?

However, the same tabloid contradicted their statements when they said that de Armas was already starting to make a name for herself when she met Affleck.

“Ana was a rising star when they met and didn’t date Ben for publicity or money. She was already the talk of the town thanks to her roles in Knives Out and Blade Runner 2049. And she’s got her own money in the bank,” the source said.

Ben Affleck knows the truth about Ana de Armas

The insider also insisted that de Armas’ conscience is clear because she knows that she didn’t use the Batman v Superman star for fame.

“Her conscience is totally clear about how she treated Ben. Now, she’s hearing that some of Ben’s family and friends are telling him she was trouble from the get-go. Ana is a feisty character who doesn’t take this type of thing lightly. She’s telling Ben to chill these people out and speak up or she’ll go on the attack to defend herself,” the source said.

The insider also said that Ana de Armas and Affleck split amicably. In fact, the much younger actress wants to stay friends with her ex-boyfriend.

“It’s unfair. She’s not a gold digger and he knows it. What they had was sweet, but it wasn’t working out. She wants something else and feels she shouldn’t be punished for that,” the source said.

The A-listers are living separate lives

However, it is unlikely for the tabloid to know all these details about de Armas and Affleck’s relationship because they haven’t given any interviews.

The A-listers are living their respective lives right now. Affleck is busy with his career and his three children. And Ana de Armas is gearing up to star in a new movie with Chris Evans.

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