Ana de Armas cried at Marilyn Monroe transformation for movie ‘Blonde’


Ana de Armas was emotional when she saw herself as Marilyn Monroe in her upcoming biographical drama film Blonde.

Ana de Armas has starred in various movies, but she became even more popular when she started dating Ben Affleck. The Cuban actress is set to play as Marilyn Monroe in the movie Blonde, and she admitted that she was emotional when she saw her Marilyn Monroe transformation.

Ana de Armas speaks about playing Marilyn Monroe in Blonde

Ana de Armas sat for an interview with Allure. During the conversation, she was asked about the major hair and makeup transformation she went through to give life to one of Hollywood’s most bankable performers, Marilyn Monroe.

Ben Affleck’s girlfriend admitted that she didn’t expect the transformation. She was very emotional that she cried.

“I cried. It was a big, big deal for me,” de Armas said.

“It was a very important role for me, a big challenge, something that I was preparing for a very long time — and to finally sit in the chair and put the wig and makeup on… it was very special. I completely transformed. One of the most beautiful things about my job, I think, is to see yourself become someone else.”

When asked if she had been blonde in real life, de Armas said she tried it but not as blonde as Monroe. She shared that the late actress was completely platinum but had golden blonde at the beginning. She had about five wigs with different lengths and colors for the role.

“We had to do some aging makeup because it went over so many years of her life,” she added.

Ana and Ben Affleck’s dating update

Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck have been together for a couple of months already. The Knives Out star and the Batman Vs Superman actor spent the lockdown together.

According to sources, the two are going strong. Affleck is very sweet to his girlfriend, and he does everything to make Ana happy. The insider added that whatever de Armas wants, Affleck is willing to make it happen.

For instance, on her 32nd birthday, the couple took a road trip to Joshua Tree to escape the noise in Los Angeles. De Armas loved her boyfriend’s effort.

“Ana feels like the luckiest girl to be with him,” an insider said.

De Armas also makes sure that Affleck feels loved. She gifted him with a brand new BMW motorcycle for his 48th birthday in August. The couple was photographed enjoying the ride together with matching helmets on his special day.

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