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Ana de Armas glowing in jewelry ad campaign with Ben Affleck look-alike


Ana de Armas is gorgeous in her new ad campaign with Ben Affleck look-alike for The Natural Diamond Council.

Ana de Armas is enjoying a boost in her career this year, aside from her happy love life with Ben Affleck. The next Bond Girl appears in the new ad for Natural Diamond Council. And her partner in the campaign ad looks like his real-life boyfriend, Affleck.

Ana de Armas stars in new ad campaign

The Natural Diamond Council released a new ad starring Ben Affleck’s lovely girlfriend. The clip featured Ana de Armas dancing by the ocean with Affleck look-alike while flaunting beautiful jewelry in luxurious dresses.

In one scene in the video, de Armas comes face to face with a man who looks like the Batman v Superman star. She throws her arms back wide and open to enjoy the sudden rainstorm.

Then it cuts into a scene where she embraces Affleck’s look-alike suggesting of an engagement as the video focuses on her ring. In another scene, de Armas giggles and embraces the man again with their face next to each other, then the camera zooms in their fingers with rings implying that they just got married.

“True connection changes you. It inspires you to dare greatly, to love fearlessly, to soar,” de Armas says in the voice over.

“Our moments, our stories … they belong to us. For moments like no other,” she added.

Ana and Ben’s whirlwind romance

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have been dating for a couple of months already. The two starred in the psychological thriller Depp Water which they filmed in 2019.

Affleck and de Armas sparked dating rumors when they traveled to Cuba together. In March, an insider confirmed that the pair are an item.

They are “happy together and officially dating.” Shortly after their relationship status was publicized, the pair has been inseparable. In fact, they spent the lockdown together.

Affleck is also serious with de Armas and has already introduced her to his children with ex Jennifer Garner.

De Armas’ cried over Marilyn Monroe transformation

Ana de Armas is having a great year in 2020. Aside from a happy relationship with Ben Affleck and a new endorsement, she also has a number of films on her plate.

The Knives Out actress is set to star in Netflix’s biographical drama entitled Blonde. In an interview with Allure, she admitted that she cried after seeing herself in her complete Marilyn Monroe costume.

“I cried. It was a big, big deal for me,” de Armas said.

The actress explained that the role was important for her because it was a big challenge, and she prepared for it for a very long time.

When she sat on the chair and put on the wig, she felt that she was completely transformed, and it was special. She added that seeing herself becoming someone else is one of the beautiful things in her job as an actress.

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