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Ana de Armas Natural Diamonds lookbook unveiled: ‘Effortless style’


Ana de Armas starred in Natural Diamonds’ new campaign ad, and her lookbook is already available on its website.

Ana de Armas is the new face of Natural Diamonds. The next Bond Girl sported gorgeous items from the brand in the campaign ad, and the pieces have been unveiled on the brand’s official website.

Ana de Armas and Natural Diamonds’ effortless style

Natural Diamonds has unveiled Ana de Armas’ lookbook from the campaign ad, and it includes some items that are easygoing, serene, and versatile. Those pieces are perfect for all occasions and will help one achieve the effortless style that everyone yearns.

The collection includes Diamond Baguette Circle Necklace, Rose Gold Diamond Hepburn Chocker, and Yellow Gold Emerald Sunset Ring. It also offers specially designed rings for engagements, weddings, and other occasions.

Some of its gorgeous pieces include Kelly White Gold Diamond Choker Turned Hair Piece, Cosma Diamond Ring, and Diamonds Petal Band.

Also, Natural Diamonds not only complement natural beauty but enhances it too. Rain or shine, night or day, whether you’re an adventurer or looking for heirlooms, Natural Diamonds has it all. The brand represents all stages of a relationship and has everything one needs whatever the event is.

What did Ana say about the items?

Ana de Armas, herself, loves the items in the collection because they are meant for every type of connection.

“I love thinking of diamonds this way, as special emblems of even our small personal moments,” de Armas said in a press release.

“They represent joy, warmth and beauty.”

Putting together the brand and campaign launch was challenging due to the pandemic but it was rewarding, according to Richa Singh, Managing Director, NDC. She added that the campaign is perfect for consumers who have greater respect for natural things and those with meaning and emotional attachments.

“We wish to create desirability for diamonds in the mind of consumers when it comes to celebrating life’s every moment and our campaign featuring Ana De Armas portrays that beautifully. The TVC redefines special moments, celebrating a variety of personal connections with natural diamonds,” Sing added.

Ana’s TVC with Ben Affleck look-alike

Ana de Armas was glowing in her TV commercial with a man who looked like her real-life boyfriend Ben Affleck.

The campaign ad features different milestones from engagements to weddings. De Armas speaks about how true connection changes one and how it inspires one to dare greatly and love fearlessly.

“Our moments, our stories … they belong to us. For moments like no other,” she added in the voiceover.

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