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Ana de Armas split from Ben Affleck after Jennifer Garner Christmas snub: Rumor


Ana de Armas, allegedly, split from Ben Affleck after Jennifer Garner banned her from their family’s Christmas celebration.

According to Life & Style, what Garner did to Ana de Armas was the last straw for the Cuban actress.

“She had expected to spend Christmas with Ben and his family, but she was banned from the festivities, which hurt,” the source said.

Jennifer Garner didn’t invite Ana de Armas to their Christmas celebration

The source added that Affleck celebrated Christmas with his ex-wife and their children.

And Garner refused to invite de Armas because she doesn’t think the latter is family.

“Jen definitely isn’t Ana’s biggest fan and she shows it by being cold and unwelcoming. But not letting her come to their first Christmas celebration was the last straw. Ana got into a huge argument with Ben over it. She told him that if he doesn’t stand up to his ex and get Jen to stop being mean to her, it’s over,” the source said.

Jennifer Garner to blame for all of Ben Affleck’s splits

The tabloid then went on to blame Garner for all of Affleck’s breakups since their divorce.

“Jen always finds something wrong with them and picks at their flaws. The idea of Ana playing stepmom to her kids makes her stomach turn. Jen’s attitude has only gotten worse over time. It’s almost like she still has feelings for Ben and doesn’t want him to move on,” the source said.

Ana de Armas, Jennifer Garner never got along

According to the insider, Ana de Armas and Garner never got along well with each other because they’re so different.

“Ana is free-spirited and Jen is more serious and likes structure. Jen is upset that Ana is all about fun and games with both Ben and the kids and feels that she’s not helping him be the grown man and father that Jen desperately wants him to be,” the source said.

The source added that Affleck is the one who’s caught in the middle between the two A-listers.

Ben Affleck is torn between the two women

After all, the Batman v Superman adores his ex-girlfriend. But he also holds his ex-wife close to his heart.

“There’s nothing Ben wants more than for everyone to get along. But the way things are going, that’s becoming more and more unlikely,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

There’s no proof that Jennifer Garner is behind Ana de Armas and Affleck’s split.

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