Ana de Armas splits from Ben Affleck because he’s bad for her image: Rumor

Ana de Armas splits from Ben Affleck because he's bad for her image: Rumor

Ana de Armas, allegedly, called it quits with Ben Affleck over a month ago after realizing that he’s not good for her image.

Woman’s Day published the story about Ana de Armas and Affleck this week, saying that the latter is heartbroken after his girlfriend told them that they’re done.

“It caused problems between them when her 007 bosses told her he wasn’t ‘good optics for the Bond franchise’ and not welcome on the red carpet. She kind of saw him differently after that and he sensed it – that’s why he started to obsess about going to the gym. He got a bit too clingy for her and her career is her priority now,” the source said.

Ben Affleck starving himself after Ana de Armas split 

Ben Affleck starving himself after Ana de Armas split

Following their split, Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband, allegedly, stopped eating. After all, he was trying to find ways to deal with his broken heart.

The insider also claimed that the break up has been particularly different for the Affleck because he and de Armas just moved in together a few months ago.

“He’s not saying much, but friends think it’s over since he’s so miserable. He’s stopped working out properly and stopped eating. The biggest fear of all is that he might relapse. Everyone’s rallying around him, including Jen, but he’s really heartbroken,” the source said.

However, the tabloid’s claims obviously don’t have any basis. If Affleck and Ana de Armas split over a month ago, more reputable publications would’ve already reported about it.

Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas PDA

People also managed to debunk the tabloid’s claims just last week when they published a photo of Affleck and de Armas canoodling in public.

The couple is currently in New Orleans for the filming for Deep Water.

If the A-listers broke up some time ago, Affleck and de Armas wouldn’t have engaged in a public display of affection. And they would’ve kept their relationship strictly professional.

Rumors debunked

Gossip Cop also said that Affleck isn’t starving himself as a way of coping with his heartbreak. After all, the Batman v Superman actor is not heartbroken.

He and Ana de Armas are still very much together. And the fact that they moved in together recently suggests that they’re serious about each other and their relationship.

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