Analyst says third-party streaming unlikely for Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo is unlikely to support third-party cloud streaming with the Nintendo Switch. According to an analyst, it is likelier that the company will expand its own service.

Cloud streaming is starting to become ubiquitous, with more consoles supporting it. With that said, an analyst says that the Nintendo Switch is unlikely to support other platforms. Another claims that it’s more likely they will use their own cloud streaming.

Experts curious if xCloud coming to Switch

Cloud streaming platforms are increasing in number as the years go by. So far, it is becoming a viable option for many, which includes Google Stadia, Xbox Cloud, and Playstation Now.

For a lot of players, the Switch is the perfect current-gen console for cloud streaming. It is cheap enough to buy, powerful enough to run AAA games, and Nintendo will get a lot of positives.

“What do some of you think the point of cloud gaming is if not to make every screen a potential place to game?” notes Matt Piscatella, the executive director and video game industry advisor for NPD. “When Game Pass is made available on additional devices Xbox console owners & players gain more places to play and lose… nothing at all.”

This comment from Piscatella comes as a reply to the Switch showing up again and again in Xbox execs’ background. Furthermore, many have noted that Microsoft is hinting at Game Pass coming to Switch.

“None of this means that Xbox Cloud will actually ever make it to Switch… there is a list of reasons why it wouldn’t,” Piscatella added. “But Nintendo would get a massive content gain and sell millions of incremental Switch, Xbox Cloud would be in front of millions of new potential subscribers.”

Nintendo likely to support their own funded cloud streaming

While it is easy to be optimistic about Xbox Cloud coming to the Nintendo Switch, the truth is further from what people want. The Japanese company, known for their protectiveness of their platform, won’t likely budge.

According to David Gibson, an analyst for Astris Advisory Japan, details that Nintendo said no. He notes how Nintendo straight up told about it.

“Would make a lot of sense @MatPiscatella, but I have had @Nintendo tell me directly they would not put other streaming services on the Switch. Lost opportunity,” Gibson said.

Another analyst, Daniel Ahmad, notes that Nintendo is likelier to expand their current service. The company and Ubitus have a cloud streaming platform exclusive to some countries.

The service has several games playable on Switch, including Resident Evil, Assassins Creed, Hitman 3, and Control. However, there is no official announcement from Nintendo so far regarding any in-house streaming effort.

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