Andrew Garfield hurt after learning that Emma Stone is married, pregnant: Rumor

Andrew Garfield hurt after learning that Emma Stone is married, pregnant: Rumor

Andrew Garfield is, allegedly, heartbroken after learning that his ex-girlfriend, Emma Stone has already tied the knot.

Last month, reports revealed that Emma Stone tied the knot with Saturday Night Live segment director, Dave McCary. But even before the news broke out, there were already rumors claiming that Stone is pregnant with her first child.

Andrew Garfield sad over Emma Stone pregnancy and wedding news

According to OK! magazine, Garfield has been telling his friends that he’s happy for his ex-girlfriend. But deep inside, it’s, allegedly, obvious that he’s hurt.

“Andrew has been telling people that he’s happy for Emma. But everyone knows that deep down, it must be devastating for him because she was the love of his life,” the source said.

Andrew Garfield regrets split from Emma Stone 

Andrew Garfield regrets split from Emma Stone

According to previous reports, Garfield wasn’t ready for commitment while he was dating Stone. As such, the Easy A star decided to walk away.

But now that Stone seems happy with McCary, Garfield is, allegedly, starting to regret not committing to Stone years ago.

“It’s a classic case of not appreciating something until it’s gone. He’s convinced he’ll never find someone like her again,” the source said.

Is the actress pregnant and married?

Last month, In Touch Weekly, published a photo of Stone wearing a brown jumper. The tabloid claimed that the actress is pregnant.

“She was with her fiancé and looked so happy. At one point, she put her hand on her back. It looked like the type of thing someone who’s pregnant would do, for sure,” the source said.

Days later, Emma Stone and McCary’s wedding was confirmed to have taken place recently. But the couple decided to keep the ceremony under wraps.

As of late, Stone hasn’t confirmed her alleged pregnancy and wedding to McCary. But what is certain is that Garfield isn’t heartbroken over Stone’s wedding an alleged pregnancy.

Andrew Garfield, Christine Gabel split rumors

The couple has long moved on from each other because it’s been years since they split. In fact, Garfield already dated Christine Gabel last year. But in August, OK! magazine claimed that the couple has called it quits.

“It’s very sad how desperate Andrew is to build up a solid relationship and start his own family, but he’s grasping at straws and pursuing romances – like the one with Christine – that simply isn’t right for him. Figuring life out in the years since he and Emma split up hasn’t been easy. He just wants to find somebody, anybody, to settle down with,” the source said.

However, one should also take these claims made by the tabloid about Gabel, Garfield, and Emma Stone with a grain of salt.

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