Android 11 DP3 surprisingly cuts off Pixel 4’s time and battery level

Android 11 DP3 surprisingly cuts off Pixel 4’s time and battery level

Android 11 Developer Preview 3 causes the time and battery level indicator on Pixel 4 to disappear.

Android 11 Developer Preview (DP)3 started rolling out yesterday for several Pixel devices. Also, certain Pixel users tried to install the pre-beta software both on Pixel 3 and Pixel 4.

The Android 11 DP3 showed similar irregularities on both Pixel models. As soon as the update was installed, both displayed padding issues. Moreover, the time indicator and the battery percentage disappeared from the status bar on both devices.

The two missing status bar indicators later reappeared on Pixel 3. However, Pixel 4 did not show any improvement. The reports put the blame on the difference between the Android 11 DP3’s normal buffer size and Pixel 4’s status bar padding. 

The report explained that Pixel 4 requires 100-pixel wide padding while Android 11 DP3 only has 30 pixels. The bug is a normal result of the padding mismatch between the recent pre-beta software and Pixel 4. Installing the update cuts off the battery level and time indicator from the status bar.

Restoring the time and battery level on Pixel 4

To undo the bug, the user must access the device developer setting and manually set the display cutout to device default. 

The process keeps the time and battery level displayed unless the user restarts the device. Repeat the entire process should the problem reoccurs. An easier way to fix the bug is to simply activate the auto-rotate function. Rotating to landscape and back to portrait does the fix.

It resumes the device’s normal status bar display. The battery level and time indicator remains unless the device restarts

About Android 11 Developer Preview 3

Android 11 DP3 is Android 11’s third pre-beta update with build number RPP3.200230.017. It is security patched up to April 2020. Google described the recent patch as one with bug fixes and a set of productivity improvements. Pixel holders may avail of the update via over-the-air (OTA).

DP3 offers a new gesture that can bring the recently closed apps back to the multitasking. It also features compact screen UI with preview as well as an introductory prompt for chat bubbles.

However, experts do not advise the Pixel users to immediately grab the update if they will be using it on their primary phone. There is still no concrete assurance of the Android 11 Developer Preview 3’s stability as well as its compatibility with all Pixel devices.

Image courtesy of Dele_o/Pixabay

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