Android 11 is finally here for everyone

Android 11 is finally here for everyone

Google has officially launched Android 11 for all compatible smartphones. This software update brings in a lot of changes for mobile devices.

Google is bringing Android 11 to Pixel devices today. But, the announcement comes in with another surprise. Third-party manufacturers such as Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Realme will be getting the update as well.

The Pixel devices often get the update first while other Android devices follow suit. Luckily for non-Pixel users, that is not the case this time.

This version of android 11 is now available for all Pixel devices except for the first one. OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro users are getting the update today as well. Other devices are getting the update in the coming months.

Google Pixel receives exclusive Android 11 features

What does the update bring?

This Android version is bringing a lot of quality of life changes. This improves the functionality and usability of an Android device.

One of the biggest changes coming is the changes in messaging. Google is introducing chat bubbles to all messaging apps installed on a device. This feature works similarly to how Facebook Messenger works but this time it works for Telegram, Viber, and any other messaging as well.

Google is adding new media controls in order for users to control several devices in one device. Smart devices may now be controlled seamlessly through an Android device.

Android Auto is more viable this time with this update. Compatible smartphones may now connect wirelessly on any Android Auto vehicle. Back then, users need to connect through the USB port to sync devices.

Google heightened up security settings and app permissions too. Users are given better privacy and security tools to protect their data.

Android 11 might be launching on several Android devices. But, Pixel devices still get exclusive features such as organizers and home screen tools.

Images [1] & [2] used courtesy of Google blog

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