Android 11 might soon allow a resizeable picture-in-picture feature

Android 11 might soon allow a resizeable picture-in-picture feature

Google has just released its Android 11 Developers’ Preview. The latest version of Android 11 will probably allow an adjustable picture-in-picture feature for its users.

The newest feature of the Android 11 might have just been discovered with deep tinkering by a tech website. Last April 23, Google released the Android 11 Developers’ Preview. A tech reviewer was able to find a very interesting new feature that might release with the Android 11.

Resizeable Picture-in-Picture

The most recent picture-in-picture (PiP) feature of Android is quite stale. The feature can be triggered when a user presses the home button while a video is playing in an app like Youtube or Netflix.

The smaller screen produced by the PiP runs towards the lower left part of the screen by default. Users may drag it to any part of the screen as they want, but the size of the PiP remains the same. It comes as an annoyance to some users because the PiP screen size is quite small.

Moreover, the subtitles or captions of videos get cut or removed completely. Based on the tinkering of the Android 11 back end, the PiP might soon be resizeable. Android users may soon be able to drag and resize the PiP to any part of the screen for a more pleasant viewing experience.

Resizeable PiP might not be ready for early roll-out

The excitement surrounding the new feature might have to be curbed a little. Based on the video uploaded by XDA, the update is still quite raw. The entire resizing experience still needs major polishing, but the thought is already there.

The Developers’ Preview allows its users to resize the PiP by simply pressing on the PiP and dragging its edges to the desired size. Unfortunately, the resizing does not transition smoothly.

When the XDA developer resized the PiP, it showed a gray neutral area where the paused video instantly popped in. The experience is not fit for a 2020 release where most of the premium experience of software is felt in the little things

The Android 11 is set to be announced officially on May 2020. It will still go through several beta versions for its October 2020 release. Based on how the PiP looked on the Developers’ Preview 3, it might not make the October 2020 cut on time.

Android 10 latest patch update problems

While the Android 11 has been in the works, the latest patch update of the Android 10 has posed some serious problems for Pixel phone smartphone users. They have been complaining about installation issues, battery drain problems, and several issues with running apps.

Image courtesy of @Android/ Twitter

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