Android Auto will arrive on every phone via Android 11

Android Auto will arrive on every phone via Android 11

Android 11 is right around the corner and will bring along an Android Auto update for every smartphone. This makes all Android devices connect to any supported vehicle.

Google posted on the Android Auto page that the change is coming on the next major Android software update. It states that any Android 11 device will be able to use Android Auto wirelessly.

However, it needs to have 5GHz Wi-Fi for it to work. This may limit compatibility with newer devices.

Google car connectivity has been out for a while now, but the wireless capability was only introduced in 2018. The majority of smartphones were compatible. However, it needs to be connected through USB.

The wireless capability is only available on Google Pixel devices. Samsung Galaxy phones also received the same update back then.

With the coming update, all major smartphones will be able to use the feature. Even budget-oriented Android Go devices may connect to cars wirelessly.

BMW now has Android Auto

Car manufacturers need to expand Android use

The latest update makes Android accessible to a lot of people. But, the problem is some manufacturers limit themselves to Apple Car Play. This goes vice-versa.

BMW recently started to integrate the feature into their newer devices. However, some manufacturers are limiting the feature to the top variant models.

Car manufacturers need to make Android Auto available to any compatible vehicle. In the end, consumers need to have the freedom to connect any device. There should be no limits on whether it is Apple Car Play only or Android only.

That being said, other countries may limit the usage of the upcoming Android update.

In Europe, there are several specific pre-requisites for 5Ghz connectivity in vehicles. Meanwhile, Japan and Russia continue to prohibit the usage of wireless Android Auto.

Images used courtesy of Roberto Nickson, Pixabay/Pexels

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