Android Go is likely coming to all low-memory phones

Android Go is coming to all low-memory phones

Google might be requiring Android manufacturers to run Android Go on budget devices in the future.

According to reports, a leaked document came up. This document talks about Google’s plan of making Android Go mandatory on devices with 2GB of RAM or lower.

The requirement might be implemented anytime soon. OEMs releasing budget smartphones during the last quarter of the year might launch with the new Android 10 Go soon.

The new Android program targets entry-level devices. However, smartphones with 512MB of memory will have restrictions. It is said that these old devices may not run Google Mobile Services.

Nokia 1 Plus is a budget Android Go device

It is worth mentioning that the document has been out since April 24, which is quite dated already. Google might have pushed through with that strategy. But, there is still a possibility that Google has drifted from the initial plan.

One thing is for sure, though, Android Go devices will continue to arrive this year. The Samsung Galaxy A01 Core launched recently, and it is already running Android 10 Go. It is not long until more budget devices appear.

Android 10 Go coming in the last quarter of the year

The report came from an XDA Developers team. The team reportedly gained a copy of the new Android 11 Go edition intended for manufacturers.

The document mentions that smartphone manufacturers need to follow a set of rules. The companies are required to release devices with 2GB of memory or less under the budget Android program.

Android 11 still in preview today. However, devices that are coming out later this year will have an Android 10 Go OS instead.

Say goodbye to 512MB of RAM

Another thing that the document discussed is the lack of support for 512MB memory devices.

According to the guide, the Android Go program is not supported by these extremely low memory devices. These old and cheap smartphones are “not qualified” to run the Google Mobile Services.

As much as Google wants to prolong support for these devices, the hardware limitations are the biggest hurdle.

Besides, almost every Android smartphone launching this year already has 2GB of memory or more. It is rare to see a device with less memory than that.

However, this Android edition is announced to be created for devices with 512MB to 1GB of memory.

Samsung also have Android Go devices

What is Android Go?

Android Go is the budget version of Google’s mobile operating system. Some features were skipped to create a smooth user experience for budget devices.

Several of these devices only have 16GB to 32GB of storage. The software helps in freeing up space by removing unnecessary content that takes up storage.

Google also claims that devices running this software open apps up to 15% faster.

The Google Media Suite apps are also included in the software. But, these apps are stripped-down versions. It is created that way to load quickly.

Running regular apps on these budget devices uses RAM easily. The lightweight versions of these apps ensure that users have a smooth experience.

Google has created an Android Go Play Store for users to download lightweight apps. The contents are the same as the regular Google Play Store. However, apps are created to match entry-level devices.

Android Go devices are created for the ever-growing smartphone market. It is also targeted towards countries with lesser purchasing power. It is one way to make sure that Google reaches all kinds of markets.

Images (1) (224) courtesy of Nokia 1 Plus, image (3) courtesy of Samsung Galaxy A2 Core

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