Android is launching a new sound notification feature

Android is launching a new sound notification feature. This feature will give notification on critical and environmental sounds.

Google has launched a pretty fantastic feature on Android phones, which is sound notifications. This sound notification feature will be a boon for the people who cannot hear or hardly hear. Now Android phones will notify when they detect certain sounds. Those certain sounds can be baby sounds, smoke and fire alarm, and many more.

Apart from Android, the sound notification system works in other devices such as Wear OS devices. Wear OS device will send the sound notification through text notifications with vibrations. It gives notification through a text message on the user’s phone.

Google’s Pixel devices and some android devices have been providing this feature for quite some time. Google’s Pixel Buds also uses similar technology. Pixel Buds uses the attention alert to lower the volume so that the user can hear other sounds.

Also, the Pixel Earbuds detect specific sounds that trigger the attention alert; these sounds include the sound of a baby crying, dog barking, and an emergency vehicle’s Siren.

What is the new sound notification feature?

The new sound notification feature of Android is pretty much impressive. This feature is beneficial to the people who are deaf or cannot hear properly. The new sound notification feature gives notification to users when they detect important sounds.

Along with this, those important sounds can include baby crying, dog barking, the Siren of emergency vehicles, and many more. This feature will inform you about sounds through a push notification, a flash of your camera light, and it can make your phone vibrate.

Google’s information tells that the sound notification feature can listen to 10 different sounds: smoke and fire alarm, Siren, baby sound, shouting, doorbell ringing, appliance beeping, knocking, water running, landline phone ringing, and the dog barking.

How to use the feature on Android devices?

The new sound notification feature is straightforward to use. According to Google, This feature is already installed in pixel phones and some selected Android phones. Users can also turn on this feature from the accessibility menu, which is situated in settings.

Also, Android users can download Google’s Live Transcribe app. As per Google’s Play Store, Live transcribe is an app that provides free, real-time, speech to text transcription. It makes everyday conversation more accessible to people who are deaf and cannot hear properly.

In conclusion, this feature is a boon for people with hearing aids. When a person is listening to music on his/ her earphone, some important noises are canceled out.

This feature can send notification on their android device that can be a great help to them.

Image courtesy of Lukmanazis/Shutterstock

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