Anemo, Geo elements and what they do in ‘Genshin Impact’


Genshin Impact has finally been released. This means that, aside from dispelling the notion that it’s just another Breath of the Wild clone, we get to experience the game for what it truly is.

Throughout the journey, players will take control of the main character who has the ability to invoke spells. Abilities that don’t only act as an embellishment to the game, but also serve a special purpose in combat.

Overall, there is a total of seven elements in the game:

  • Anemo: Wind
  • Cryo: Frost
  • Dendro: Nature
  • Electro: Lightning
  • Geo: Earth
  • Hydro: Water
  • Pyro: Fire

As of writing, the game only allows for two elements for players to switch between—the Anemo and Geo. Although limited to just two, the rest can be expected to arrive in the game over time.

But the companions you tag along would already possess those other elements. Thus, making your buddies a pivotal part in the player’s ability to cast a spell that coalesces with a different element.

Wind element

Beginners in Genshin Impact would be introduced into the interesting mechanics of elemental abilities with the Anemo. Inherently, this elemental style has three combat talents and two passive abilities. But players will also see utility use with this element, given its ability to interact and merge with other elements. This capability is enabled by the Anemo’s Swirl.

Anemo passive abilities

  • Slitting Wind: Grants a 60% increase to damage dealt from the last hit of a combo.
  • Second Wind: A kill with the Palm Vortex renders 2 percent healing for 5 seconds.

Anemo combat talents

  • Foreign Ironwind: Extends the combo to deal five hits while making a charged attack hit twice.
  • Palm Vortex: Let out a small ball of wind elemental attack that damages and knockbacks opponents across its range. It also has the ability to react to the lingering element in the area.
  • Gust Surge: Creates a small tornado that sucks and damages everything close to it. It can absorb an existing element in the area, dealing greater damage to enemies.

Earth element

Packing a more solid approach to combat, the Geo is an element that comes with its own set of passives and combat talents.

Anemo is no slouch in dealing with damages to enemies, while Geo is ideal when breaking all sorts of opponents’ shields. Another major highlight of equipping the Geo element is in its debuffing skills that comes with every strike.

Geo passive abilities

  • Shattered Darkrock: Reduces cooldown to Starfell Swords by two seconds.
  • Frenzied Rockslide: Deal 60% AOE damage to opponents after rendering the final blow in a combo.

Geo combat talents

  • Foreign Rockblade: A Geo equivalent of the Foreign Ironwind (Anemo).
  • Starfell Sword: Call forth an asteroid to deal AOE damage in the targeted area. Alternatively, the rocky formation of the asteroid can be used as a platform for reaching higher elevations.
  • Wake of Earth: A multi-effect (knockback, crystallize, and Geo damage) AOE attack.

Image used courtesy of Genshin Impact/YouTube Screenshot

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