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Angelina Jolie acknowledged Jennifer Aniston’s significance in Brad Pitt’s life


Angelina Jolie knew that Jennifer Aniston played a significant role in Brad Pitt’s life when they were still married.

Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are often pitted against each other due to their connection to Brad Pitt. However, when Pitt was still married to Aniston, Jolie said something acknowledging the Friends alum’s importance in Pitt’s life.

Angelina Jolie acknowledged Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were married when he met Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. In an interview with Vogue in 2007, Jolie confessed that she didn’t expect to find love with Pitt.

She even recognized the fact that he was with the person he loved and respected, referring to Aniston, Pinkvilla reported.

“And I didn’t know much about exactly where Brad was in his personal life. But it was clear he was with his best friend, someone he loves and respects,” Jolie said.

“And so we were both living, I suppose, very full lives.”

Jolie revealed something else

However, in the same interview, Angelina Jolie also shared how the movie brought her and Pitt together. She shared that she couldn’t wait to work to be with Pitt, which many interpreted as a confirmation that they fell in love while filming.

“Because of the film we ended up being brought together to do all these crazy things, and I think we found this strange friendship and partnership that kind of just suddenly happened. I think a few months in I realised, God, I can’t wait to get to work,” Jolie said.

“Whether it was shooting a scene or arguing about a scene or gun practice or dance class or doing stunts—anything we had to do with each other, we just found a lot of joy in it together and a lot of real teamwork. We just became kind of a pair.”

Aniston fired back

Jennifer Aniston was not happy with Angelina Jolie’s interview, especially when she mentioned that she couldn’t wait to get to work to be with Pitt.

Aniston found Jolie’s confession “inappropriate” and called it “uncool.”

“There was stuff printed that was definitely from a time when I was unaware that it was happening,” Aniston said.

“I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss. That stuff about how she couldn’t wait to get to work every day? That was really uncool.”

Pitt, Aniston, and Jolie at present

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie became an item after his split from Jennifer Aniston. Pitt and Jolie married in 2014 but separated in 2016.

Pitt and Jolie were not amicable when they split. However, things have gotten better between the exes. Pitt has been visiting Jolie’s home to see their kids.

Meanwhile, Pitt and Aniston are still linked to each other. They remain friends even after their divorce. However, their reps said that they are just friends and have not gotten back together.

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