Angelina Jolie advised to be ‘cooperative’ in Brad Pitt divorce case

Angelina Jolie advised to be 'cooperative' in Brad Pitt divorce case

Angelina Jolie requested to change the judge overseeing her divorce from ex Brad Pitt. One lawyer explained why the actress made the move.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had been amicable for months. In fact, the Ad Astra actor was seen visiting Jolie’s home using his motorcycle to see their kids. But in August, the Maleficent star requested to change the judge handling their legal divorce and custody cases. Since then, their legal battle has become heated again.

Angelina Jolie asking to replace the judge was concerning

Divorce lawyer Christina Previte, Esq, explained why Angelina Jolie’s request is “concerning.” The lawyer suggested that the actress made it because she wasn’t getting the results she wanted.

“Whenever a litigant in a divorce case requests a different judge (particularly when the litigation has already started), it’s often because he or she isn’t getting a favorable result with the judge they already have and wants to try to get a more favorable outcome with a new judge,” Previte told Nicki Swift.

She also added that it’s also possible that the judge has a reputation of approaching cases that isn’t favorable for those making the request. For example, some judges have a reputation for being pro-father or pro 50/50 custody.

“The fact that there is a long history with the judge they have already suggests to me that Angelina is concerned that she isn’t going to get the result she wants and is shopping around for another judge,” Previte added.

Jolie not winning the case rumors

An insider claimed Angelina Jolie made the request because she was not winning the case. She was allegedly expecting a bad result, so she wanted to delay it by asking for a new referee.

Brad Pitt also accused Jolie of delaying the case. Pitt’s legal team considered the move a “tactical gambit” and stressed that the delay will only affect their children.

Jolie’s lawyer denied that they requested to change the lawyer to delay the process. Instead, they were seeking a fair trial.

Jolie should be cooperative

The divorce lawyer advised Angelina Jolie to be cooperative because resisting the process and avoiding to address the real issue will only make her look bad. It will appear as though the celebrity mom isn’t making real efforts to resolve the case.

Also, if the court becomes convinced that she is not fostering a good relationship between the kids and their dad, Brad Pitt, it will not bode well for her. The court always wants the children to foster a good relationship with both of their parents.


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