Angelina Jolie allegedly made Brad Pitt’s life hell due to Jennifer Aniston, tabloid claims


Angelina Jolie, allegedly, made it difficult for Brad Pitt to see their kids after he reconnected with his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt separated in 2016. Their separation wasn’t as friendly as Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s. In fact, they were fighting bitterly over their children’s custody. So, the Maleficent star made Pitt’s life hell especially after he reunited with Aniston, one tabloid claimed.

Angelina Jolie making Brad Pitt’s life hell

Angelina Jolie was reportedly “incensed” by Brad Pitt’s reconnection with Jennifer Aniston. The exes made a sweet reunion at the SAG Awards and one insider said, Jolie felt disrespected.

Pitt did not make it at the BAFTAs to receive his award. National Enquirer claimed that Jolie was to blame because she scheduled Pitt and Maddox’s meeting on the same day.

“Brad was given hardly any notice in terms of when he could see Maddox,” a source said.

“Originally, Angie scheduled it for the same day as the Oscars to create another conflict for Brad, but she switched it at the last minute because she didn’t want him coming to the UK which she considers her territory,” the source added.


Pitt desperate to meet Maddox

Brad Pitt was desperate to reconnect with his son, Maddox. The father and son had a falling-out following their altercation on the plane which led to Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce. Since then, Maddox had been estranged from his dad.

So, Pitt decided to skip BAFTAs to see his son. However, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor wasn’t happy with what Jolie did.

“But Brad’s devastated that Angie makes him go through hell to see his own kids!” the source added.

In Touch also published a similar report. Another source told the outlet that Pitt wanted to attend BAFTAs but changed his mind after learning that Maddox was back in Los Angeles.

Brad fully intended to go to the BAFTAs but at the last minute he learned that his son Maddox was back in LA from college,the insider said.

“So Brad prioritized things and stayed in town to see him and work more on their relationship.”

Pitt and Maddox’s meeting was reportedly emotional and ended well.

“They spent quality one-on-one time together and in the end, Maddox finally forgave his dad,” the source continued.


Pitt and Maddox’s relationship at present

Brad Pitt and Maddox’s relationship has since improved. In fact, the latter was present at Shiloh’s birthday celebration last month.

Shiloh’s special event brought her dad and brother together. Also, Maddox’s attendance at the party was an indication of his better relationship with Pitt.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston claims false

One should take the report associating Brad Pitt with Jennifer Aniston. Both of their reps denied that they were back together.

Also, their friendly reunion was not new for the Murder Mystery star who had no trouble making friends with her exes. In fact, Aniston is amicable with Justin Theroux and John Mayer.

Image used courtesy of Today/YouTube screenshot

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