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Angelina Jolie allegedly shades Jon Voight in Mother’s Day post


Angelina Jolie allegedly threw shade at her dad Jon Voight in her Mother’s Day tribute for her late mom.

Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight were not close. The Maleficent star grew up with her mom. However, the father and daughter have already mended fences.

Thus, it’s not surprising for some to feel that Jolie shaded her dad in her letter for Mother’s Day. But was that really the case?

Angelina Jolie penned a sweet tribute for her late mom

On Sunday, the world celebrated Mother’s Day. The Eternal star marked the occasion by writing an op-ed that showcased her love for her mom, Marcheline Bertrand.

In her letter, Jolie recalled the pain after losing her. She also shared how Bertrand’s death changed her.

“Losing a mother’s love and warm, soft embrace is like having someone rip away a protective blanket,” Jolie wrote.

Jolie also mentioned in the letter how her dad had an affair and how it affected her mom. It was what prompted many to believe that Angelia Jolie made a subtle dig at her dad.

“When my father had an affair, it changed her life,” Jolie wrote.

“It set her dream of family life ablaze. But she still loved being a mother. Her dreams of being an actor faded as she found herself, at the age of 26, raising two children with a famous ex who would cast a long shadow on her life.”

Jolie explains her relationship with dad

In 2017, Jolie appeared on The Hollywood Reporter’s podcast Awards Chatter. During her appearance, she gave an update about her relationship with her dad, Jon Voight.

Jolie confessed that she didn’t feel close to her father. She cited two reasons why she felt that way.

“I felt more of my mother’s daughter when I was a child. So that was one part of it,” Jolie explained.

Second, Angelina Jolie didn’t want to use her connection with her dad to secure a job. Voight is a successful American actor with several accolades.

He has been nominated for Academy Award four times and won once. He also won four Golden Globe Awards and has been nominated 11 times.

Jolie and Voight mended fences

Although Angelina Jolie was not close to her dad, they already reconciled. After her split from Brad Pitt, the Salt star reconnected with Jon Voight.

In 2017, Jolie was spotted bonding with Voight and daughter Vivienne. The father and daughter were seen laughing while chatting.

“He’s been very good at understanding they needed their grandfather at this time,” Jolie told Vanity Fair.

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