Angelina Jolie gets secret visit from Brad Pitt’s mom Jane

Angelina Jolie gets secret visit from Brad Pitt's mom Jane

Angelina Jolie has always opened her doors to Brad Pitt’s family members, especially to her mom, who was spotted at her home over the weekend.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had a bitter split in 2016. The exes were not on speaking terms when they parted ways. It was like that for a couple of months and even years. However, Jolie has never refused a visit from Pitt’s family, according to a source.

Angelina Jolie has always opened her home for Brad’s family

Brad Pitt’s mom, Jane, visited Angelina Jolie and her kids on Saturday in Los Angeles, sources told Mirror.

Jane’s visit to Jolie’s home comes on the heels of reports that the Pitts was in Santa Barbara, California, for Jane’s birthday. According to reports, Jane had not seen her grandchildren for four years or since the exes’ split.

On August 14, she dropped by at Jolie’s home in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. She was accompanied by Brad’s 24-year-old niece Sydney Pitt. The Maleficent star did not disappoint them because her home is always open for them.

Brad’s family stayed at Jolie’s home for lunch. The invitation was extended weeks ago.

“Angelina values [Brad’s] family, and has never refused a visit,” one source said.

Angelina and Jane rumors

Meanwhile, Radar Online claimed a year ago that there was a war between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s mom. In December, Jane was reportedly planning to confront Jolie for the way the latter treated Pitt following their split.

“She’s done with all this cruelty and unpleasantness that’s been shown towards her son and looking to confront Angie head-on,” the tabloid reported.

“Jane’s no pushover and she’s furious at the little amount of time she and [Brad’s dad] Bill have gotten to spend with their grandchildren, too. Moreover, though, she wants to give Angie both barrels for the way she still treats her son like dirt. She’s looking forward to it and won’t hold back.”

Jolie’s statement about her desire to live abroad with her kids allegedly didn’t sit well with Jane. Also, Pitt’s mom felt that they were not given enough time to be with the kids.

Jolie and Pitt divorce update

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have parted ways since September 2016. The pair were announced officially single last year. However, their divorce is still ongoing.

According to Gossip Cop, among the reasons delaying their divorce is their custody battle and financial assets.

Just recently, Jolie requested to fire the judge overseeing their divorce because he failed to disclose his business relationship with Pitt’s lawyers.

Meanwhile, Pit’s camp refuted and wanted to deny her request. The exes’ custody battle is getting heated as its trial nears. Their custody battle is set for a trial in October.

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