Angelina Jolie celebrates National Daughter’s Day with Vivienne, Zahara; Shiloh missing

Angelina Jolie celebrates National Daughter's Day with Vivienne, Zahara; Shiloh missing

Angelina Jolie enjoyed a lavish dinner date with her daughters Vivienne and Zahara on National Daughter’s Day. But her firstborn Shiloh was missing from the celebration.

Angelina Jolie stepped out with her daughters Vivienne and Zahara, again. The trio dined at a lavish restaurant on National Daughter’s Day, but Shiloh was not present, according to Hollywood Life.

Angelina Jolie celebrates National Daughter’s Day

On Sept. 25, Angelina Jolie stepped out with her two daughters Zahara and Vivienne. The celebrity mom and her two children visited lavish restaurant Craig and enjoyed a fancy dinner, which was in time for the National Daughter’s Day.

Jolie dressed up for the occasion and wore a black long-sleeved fitted ensemble. Meanwhile, Zahara wore a black tube and jeans. Vivienne dressed for comfort by sporting a tank top and jeans. All of them wore face masks during the outing.

The trio looked comfortable and was visibly enjoying the special day. However, Shiloh, 14, was noticeably missing at the event.

Jolie and girls’ outing

A few days before Angelina Jolie’s recent sighting with Vivienne and Zahara, the trio stepped out with Shiloh. The Maleficent star took her three daughters to Target to shop for toys and more.

During the sighting, Jolie wore an all-black outfit, a plain T-shirt and pants. She paired it with a black Everlane mask. She also accessorized with large sunglasses and a small black leather Valentino shoulder bag.

Meanwhile, the three girls dressed for comfort. Shiloh wore a jacket and black shorts. Vivienne sported a loose shirt and shorts while Zahara opted for a black sleeveless top and pants.

Jolie is a hands-on mom, and she usually goes shopping with her brood. A few months back, she had been spotted out and about with son Knox multiple times.

Jolie on quarantining with kids

Angelina Jolie spends the lockdown with her six children. Maddox, 18, who was studying in South Korea, flew back home. According to the Salt star, she enjoyed the “chaos” of their quality time together at home.

“You know, I’ve never been one who valued relaxation. I like chaos,” Jolie said.

“I’ve been on high-level meetings where there’s dogs and balls and kids and things. You kind of just enjoy being human with everybody else and laughing through it.”

Jolie said they usually enjoy the night in their pajamas and robes with tons of popcorn. She is also very proud of her kids because they look after one another and help each other. She even described her brood as an “amazing team.”

“When you have that many children, they really take care of each other. They help me. I’m not alone managing everything. They are an amazing team. So I’m very very fortunate,” Jolie added.


Image used courtesy of Alexander Demyanenko/Shutterstock

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