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Angelina Jolie continues to threaten Brad Pitt using their children: Rumor


Angelina Jolie threatening to take her kids away from Brad Pitt is not a new story.

And the claims that Angelina Jolie is planning to move to a different country so that Pitt can no longer see his kids is also old news.

However, Woman’s Day recently resurrected the dubious storyline by saying that Jolie told the press that she wants to move to London with her six children.

Angelina Jolie allegedly threatening to take her kids away from Brad Pitt

A source also claimed that Jolie blocked her kids from seeing their cousins on Pitt’s side of the family to spit her ex-husband.

Days earlier, Mirror published a similar claim by saying that Jolie was moving to London with her kids.

And another source also claimed that Jolie was refusing to let her former in-laws see their grandchildren.

Rumors debunked

However, none of these claims are correct. Gossip Cop pointed out that Jolie and Pitt have joint custody of their children. As such, it’s not legally possible for Jolie to keep her kids away from their dad.

A judge previously ruled that Pitt should be given more time with his kids because having a relationship with their dad is a crucial part of their lives.

Angelina Jolie threatening to leave Los Angeles, the country

Last year, National Enquirer claimed that Jolie threatened to take her kids away from Pitt because they’re moving to New York.

A source claimed that Angelina Jolie was struggling to find work in Los Angeles because most of the people in Hollywood sided with Pitt after their divorce.

“Angie wants to pursue new opportunities in New York theater and bringing the kids with her is just another way of getting back at Brad,” the source said.

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston dating rumors

In April, Woman’s Day claimed that Jolie urged Pitt to dump Jennifer Aniston. And if he didn’t, she would once again take their kids away.

“All of a sudden she’s banned Brad from letting Jen hang out with the children until the divorce is finalized. Ange is bitter that she’s moved on and has warned Brad. ‘I’m going to make your life hell if you don’t listen,'” the source said.

However, Jolie never threatened to take her kids away from Pitt. As mentioned earlier, she doesn’t have the right to do so.

During her interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Angelina Jolie said that relocating to another country is something that she wants to do. But only when her children are 18 years old.

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