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Angelina Jolie could delay custody battle with Brad Pitt after parting ways with her attorney


Angelina Jolie could delay her custody battle with Brad Pitt after she parted ways with her attorney, Priya Sopori.

According to Daily Mail, Sopori recently filed a notice of withdrawal of attorney or record with the Los Angeles Superior court. As of late, it is unclear if Angelina Jolie fired Sopori or if it was the lawyer that quit.

Angelina Jolie parted ways with her divorce attorney two years ago

Two years ago, Jolie also parted ways with her divorce attorney, Laura Wasser after her divorce with Pitt became venomous and nasty.

According to the publication, there were reports that Jolie and Wasser’s ways of addressing the actress’ divorce were very different. The divorce attorney was, reportedly, known for helping her clients compromise and agree to have joint custody of their children.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt fighting over the custody of their kids

However, Jolie has, reportedly, been adamant at wanting to have sole physical and legal custody of her kids. Pitt, on the other hand, wants 50/50 custody.

“Angelina has fought tooth and nail to get what she wants in this divorce. When it comes to her kids she won’t back down. She’s paying her legal team a fortune. So, if she believes one of her lawyers needs to go she won’t hesitate to pull the trigger,” a source said.

More delays before the court hearing?

As of late, it is still unclear how Jolie’s parting ways with her lawyer will affect her custody battle with Pitt. Earlier this month, there were reports that Pitt already submitted his long list of witnesses including his personal assistants and bodyguards.

Jennifer Aniston will testify in court

Prior to this, tabloids also claimed that Pitt is asking Aniston to be one of his witnesses in court.

According to Woman’s Day, Aniston is more than willing to help Pitt win the case.

“Brad was stunned she would do this after more than three years of agreeing that the judge should oversee their case. And he is telling friends it’s her way of hanging on to custody of the kids,” the source said.

However, it is unlikely for Aniston to testify on Pitt’s behalf because they have not been together for years. Aniston has never met Jolie and Pitt’s children either. So, there’s not much she can say about Pitt’s relationship with them.

Angelina Jolie and Pitt’s court date has, reportedly, been set for Dec. 21. However, it is possible that there will more delays.

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