Angelina Jolie demanded 2-week quarantine after Brad Pitt returned from France

Angelina Jolie demanded Brad Pitt a 2-week quarantine after returning from France

Angelina Jolie demanded her ex-husband Brad Pitt to quarantine for two weeks before seeing their kids after he returned home from France.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had a messy split but decided to work together for the best interest of their kids. Jolie has the kids under her care and she lets her ex-husband see them regularly.

But she wants to ensure that they are safe from coronavirus. So, she prohibited Pitt from seeing them until after he completed a 2-week quarantine.

Angelina Jolie insisted a 2-week quarantine for Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie “insisted” that Brad Pitt quarantine for 14 days when he returned from France due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, an insider told Us Weekly. The Maleficent star didn’t want to take risks when it comes to her children’s health.

The Ad Astra star reportedly negotiated to cut the long wait. Pitt allegedly offered to take two tests “days apart” to prove that he is COVID-free. However, the celebrity mom wasn’t into it.

Eventually, Pitt gave in and agreed to quarantine for two weeks. Pitt had already completed Jolie’s 2-weak quarantine order and he has already resumed seeing their kids, according to the insider.

Pitt’s France trip revisited

Brad Pitt traveled to France last month and it raised eyebrows. He was first spotted with Nicole Poturalski in an airport in Paris. Their sighting sparked rumors that they are dating and several outlets confirmed it.

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star took his new girlfriend to Chateau Miraval. The move raised some eyebrows with many calling out Pitt for being insensitive.

First, the estate is his marital home with Angelina Jolie.

Second, their visit happened on the same week he tied the knot with Jolie on the estate six years ago.

However, it turned out that Pitt’s visit to Chateau Miraval had a purpose. He will be releasing a new wine next month and he visited the place to finalize the details.

Jolie’s ex didn’t care about her reaction

Meanwhile, another insider claimed that Brad Pitt didn’t care about Angelina Jolie’s reaction to his visit to Chateau Miraval with Nicole. In fact, he allegedly expected Jolie to lash out.

Another insider claimed Jennifer Aniston felt betrayed for Jolie. The Friends alum was allegedly hurt by Pitt’s insensitivity because it reminded her of what he did to her.

Pitt and Jolie’s beach photos from Kenya made headlines shortly after his split from Aniston. The Murder Mystery star was furious when she saw it.

Also, Aniston said Pitt lacked a “sensitivity chip” when he agreed to make the 60-page photo spread with Jolie just months after their separation.


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