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Angelina Jolie didn’t want baby with ex-husband Brad Pitt: report


Angelina Jolie previously revealed that getting pregnant with Brad Pitt was not a part of her plans.

During her interview with W magazine, Jolie said that Brad Pitt did something with their two eldest kids that changed her mind.

“One of the life-changing things that he did, one of many, is that I was absolutely never going to get pregnant. I never felt it was the right thing to do,” Jolie said.

Angelina Jolie changed her mind about getting pregnant with Brad Pitt

But after seeing how great Pitt was with Maddox and Zahara, Jolie had a change of heart.

“He stopped talking about having other kids in the other way. So, I suppose in my heart I realized he was happy with them as his children, completely. I knew he would never see them as different and that gave me a certain peace,” Jolie said.

After seeing how good Pitt was with their adopted children, the Maleficent actress suddenly felt that she wanted to get pregnant. Jolie said that it’s something that she cannot explain through words.

Angelina Jolie talks about her pregnancies

Jolie gave birth to three biological children. Shiloh was born in May 2006, while twins Vivienne and Knox were born in July 2008.

“Now, I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. It taught me a lot about life, just the process of it, and now we have three other beautiful children that wouldn’t otherwise be here,” she said.

Brad Pitt thinks Angelina is sexy

Following the birth of her three biological children, Jolie revealed that Brad Pitt still thinks that she’s sexy.

“I’m with a man who’s evolved enough to look at my body and see it as more beautiful, because of the journey it has taken and what it has created. He genuinely sees it that way. So, I genuinely feel even sexier,” she said.

The actress talks about being creative in bed

Jolie also spoke with Entertainment Weekly about her pregnancy. She said that she and Pitt had to be creative in bed.

“So, you have fun and as a woman, you’re just so round and full. It’s great for the sex life,” she said.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie surprised with actress’ last pregnancy

After learning that they were expecting twins, the Unbroken director admitted that she and Pitt were shocked. After all, they suddenly went from having four kids to six. But in the end, the A-listers said that they loved the challenge.

Back then, Jolie said that her biggest concern is how to make her four older children feel included after Vivienne and Knox are born. She said that she and Brad Pitt were thinking of fun ways where the twins’ birth could be a group thing.

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