Angelina Jolie drained from taking care of her kids without Brad Pitt: Rumor

Angelina Jolie drained from taking care of her kids without Brad Pitt: Rumor

Angelina Jolie has been asking the court to grant her full custody of her children. But there’s a downside to her request.

According to Globe, Angelina Jolie is struggling to take care of her kids without Brad Pitt’s help. And to make things worse, the ongoing custody battle has been breaking the bank for the award-winning actress.

The tabloid spoke with a so-called divorce lawyer, who has nothing to do with Jolie and Pitt’s ongoing battle. But Kelly Chang said that Jolie would have to keep paying for her lawyers until the custody battle is resolved.

“She can keep paying millions and millions and millions, but as long as Brad wants custody and fights for it, she’s going to have to share,” the source said.

Motherhood has been hard for Angelina Jolie

Motherhood has been hard for Angelina Jolie

It has also, allegedly, been a struggle for Jolie to juggle motherhood and work. Since the pandemic started, the actress accepted fewer jobs because she needed to tend to her children.

Jolie was also forced to quarantine with her kids 24/7, so she doesn’t have much time for herself.

The actress’s kids are too needy

A source said that even though Jolie’s house boasts of ample spaces for her children to study, it’s still a struggle for them to concentrate in class. In fact, they need to be separated from each other so that they can concentrate.

“Someone was always hungry or needing help. At the end of the school day, when they are bored, they end up looking for mom to find them something to do while she is trying to work on her own projects. And like most siblings, the kids fight or argue and that can test any parent’s nerves,” the source said.

Angelina Jolie wants some alone time

As such, the source said that Angelina Jolie can’t wait for all her children to grow up so that they can look after their schooling and themselves altogether. And only then will the Maleficent star have time for herself.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. If anything, Angelina Jolie has been having a blast spending time with her children. The actress has said this multiple times during her recent interviews.

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