Angelina Jolie, Ellen DeGeneres, Kanye West dubbed as Hollywood’s hated stars?

Angelina Jolie, Ellen DeGeneres, and Kanye West are just some of the celebrities that have been dubbed as Hollywood’s hated stars.

According to National Enquirer, Angelina Jolie, DeGeneres, and West were given the moniker due to their recent deeds.

Jolie, for instance, earned the title following her lengthy custody battle with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie dubbed a witch in Hollywood

Even though a judge already ruled in Pitt’s favor, the tabloid claimed that a lot of people disliked Jolie for what she did with her children.

“People don’t like the way she used their children as a pawn in the divorce war. People say she’s cold and calculating. There’s a reason why Angelina has so few real friends. She’s poison to be around. They joke there’s not much difference between the Maleficent witch she plays on screen and Angie in real life,” the source claimed.

Ellen DeGeneres still criticized over last year's bullying claims 

Ellen DeGeneres still criticized over last year’s bullying claims

DeGeneres, on the other hand, earned the title of Hollywood’s most hated star because of the bullying allegations thrown at her last year.

Ellen Show was also accused of having a toxic environment because of DeGeneres and the program’s staff.

Following the recent backlash, the ratings for Ellen Show plummeted. DeGeneres recently announced that she will be quitting her hosting gig after next season.

Does kanye West have a huge ego?

West was also given the same offensive moniker due to his ego.

The rapper previously likened himself to Bill Gates. He also called himself the new Moses.

Even though most of his questionable tweets have already been taken down, the tabloid claimed that it didn’t take his critics very long to crucify him on social media.

Angelina Jolie isn’t the only one

Other than Angelina Jolie, DeGeneres, and West, other celebrities like Scott Disick, Johnny Depp, and Taylor Swift also earned the nickname.

Depp was accused of being pure poison in Hollywood after his ex-wife, Amber Heard accused him of domestic violence.

Swift, on the other hand, has had fights with a slew of celebrities throughout the years.

The tabloid claimed that not a lot of people are impressed with the singer’s decision to write songs about her exes.

Disick has also been accused of riding Kourtney Kardashian’s success. He was also criticized for jumping from one relationship to the next. And he’s also slammed for dating women that are much younger than him.

However, it is important to note that the tabloid’s claims about Angelina Jolie, DeGeneres, and the other celebrities are just based on their opinion.

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