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Angelina Jolie flirting, breaking up Chris Hemsworth’s marriage: debunked


Angelina Jolie is not flirting or breaking up Chris Hemsworth’s marriage with Elsa Pataky as what one tabloid claims.

Angelina Jolie and Chris Hemsworth made headlines a year ago. One outlet claimed that they were flirting during the Marvel Comic-Con panel in 2019 and suggested that the Maleficent star was breaking the Thor actor’s marriage. But the claim was false.

Angelina Jolie didn’t flirt with Chris Hemsworth

Angelina Jolie and Chris Hemsworth appeared during the Marvel Comic-Con panel last year. Jolie was present for her Marvel debut The Eternals. Meanwhile, Hemsworth will star in another Thor movie entitled Thor: Love and Thunder.

Life & Style claimed that Jolie and Hemsworth had an “instant connection.” It quoted a dubious source claiming that Brad Pitt’s ex used her charm to steal husbands, which allegedly made Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa, jealous.

Rumor debunk

Gossip Cop debunked the report because a year later, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are still married. Also, Pataky said in a previous interview that their marriage is just like any other marriage; it has ups and down too.

“It’s funny that people think of us as a perfect couple… no way,” Pataky said.

The same tabloid ran another article claiming Hemsworth and Pataky were only keeping their marriage for their kids, which is not true.

Also, if one follows Pataky, she still shares photos of her with Hemsworth on Instagram. She shared a photo of them when his movie Extraction premiered on Netflix. She also likened their marriage to the action movie.

“Much like being married to Chris. This film is action packed, adrenaline driven and full of heart! One of my favourite films he’s made,” she wrote.

Also, the allegation that Angelina Jolie is a homewrecker is disrespectful to the actress. The same tabloid ran a similar narrative claiming that Jolie flirted with Kit Harington, which is also not true.

Jolie and Hemsworth live completely separate lives.

Also, with Life & Style’s reputation for publishing articles based on the statements of its undependable sources, this could be another groundless claim waiting to be debunked. So, one should take these hearsays lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

How did the Hemsworth and Jolie rumors start?

Before the Marvel Comic-Con panel, Chris Hemsworth and Angelina Jolie sparked dating rumors when they were photographed at the Golden Globes. Ellen DeGeneres asked the Avengers star about the photo by showing it to Hemsworth when he appeared on the Ellen show.

“People were making a big to-do about you sitting next to Angelina Jolie. They were acting… just because your wife didn’t make it, I guess she wasn’t there. They sat you next to Angelina and acted like it was some kind of ‘thing,'” the TV host said.

“See, you’ve done what the internet has done, which is you’ve cropped out my real ‘date,'” Hemsworth responded with humor, referring to Taika Waititi as his “real date.”

Apparently, in the full photo, Hemsworth is seated with Thor director Taika Waititi and Jolie. Moreover, he added that he and his wife were fans of Jolie.

The actor also jokingly added that Elsa would be more threatened by Waititi than Jolie.

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