Angelina Jolie gave her dad one rule when FaceTiming his grandchildren: rumor

Angelina Jolie gave her dad one rule when FaceTiming his grandchildren: rumor

Angelina Jolie, reportedly, gave her dad, Jon Voight one rule when FaceTiming his six grandchildren.

According to In Touch Weekly, Angelina Jolie told her dad that he should never engage in any political talk with his grandkids. An unnamed source told the tabloid that Voight agreed with Jolie’s request.

“Angie and Jon are on polar opposite sides of the political spectrum, and he can be pretty outspoken about his conservative views. They’re on good terms right now, though, and Angie just wants to keep it that way,” the unnamed source said, as per In Touch Weekly.

Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight's relationship

Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight’s relationship

The source also said that Jolie and Voight’s relationship has improved in recent years. The father and daughter duo previously became estranged after Jolie became a mom. But they eventually rekindled their relationship.

Since then, Voight has, reportedly, become close to his six grandchildren.

In 2016, Voight gave an update about Jolie after she filed for divorce from Pitt. While speaking with E! News, he said that his daughter is holding on and doing OK.

According to the publication, Jolie and Voight’s relationship improved after the actress’s divorced Pitt. Months later, Angelina Jolie, Voight, and his grandchildren were spotted having dinner together.

Angelina praises her dad for his involvement in his grandchildren’s lives

In 2017, Jolie told Vanity Fair that her dad has been very much present in her children’s life.

“He’s been very good at understanding they needed their grandfather at this time.  had to do a therapy meeting last night and he was just around. He knows kind of the rule—don’t make them play with you. Just be a cool grandpa who’s creative, and hang out and tell stories and read a book in the library,” Jolie said.

Years ago, Jolie also talked about her connections with her dad and why she didn’t want to use the surname Voight.

She told The Sun that she opted to use Jolie because people would react if she used Voight.

“Dad always used to apologize, when I was young, for the fact that articles described me as ‘Jon Voight’s daughter.’ I didn’t feel close to my father. I felt more of my mother’s daughter when I was a child. So that was one part of it,” she said.

Voight gushed over his daughter during an interview in 2014. He told Daily Mail that Angelina Jolie had to deal with fame in a way he never had to. He also said that he’s proud of the way Jolie and her brother turned out.

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