Angelina Jolie requests Brad not to introduce their kids to Nicole: Rumor

Angeline Jolie is, allegedly, seething at Brad Pitt and his girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski.

According to Globe, Angelina Jolie is trying to show the entire world that she doesn’t care about the couple’s relationship. But she’s, allegedly, jealous and dying inside.

Angelina Jolie bans Brad Pitt from introducing Nicole to their kids

A source told the tabloid that Jolie has also given Pitt an ultimatum not to introduce his girlfriend to their six children. But the Ad Astra actor, allegedly, insists that he would one day introduce their kids to Poturalski because he’s serious about her.

“She’s speaking with her lawyers to make sure it never happens,” a source said.

Angelina Jolie seething at Brad Pitt for taking his girlfriend to Chateau Miraval

Angelina Jolie seething at Brad Pitt for taking his girlfriend to Chateau Miraval

Heat UK also published a similar story about Jolie and Pitt. The tabloid claimed that Jolie told Pitt to keep Poturalski away from their children.

“Ange can’t believe he took Nicole to Chateau. The fact that Nicole’s already married makes her even more convinced that it’s a result of Brad’s midlife crisis. He’s been telling people that it’s serious and Nicole’s here to stay, but Ange has said there’s no way in hell she’ll let her within a yard of their children,” the source said.

Brad Pitt very serious about Nicole Poturalski

But Pitt isn’t, allegedly, affected by his ex-wife’s demands. The source claimed that the actor made his relationship public to show the world that he will no longer play by Jolie’s rules.

“He’s been miserable for years now that he’s met someone, he is determined to enjoy it. Angelina Jolie may be saying that his girlfriend can’t meet their kids, but he’s giving Nicole a key to his house. As far as he’s concerned, Ange had better get used to it,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloids with a grain of salt. Pitt didn’t make his relationship public to spite Jolie. After all, he’s been single since 2016, and it’s just about the time that he gets into a new relationship.

Pitt and Jolie may still be fighting over the custody of their kids. However, it is not true that the latter has banned her ex-husband from introducing Poturalski to their kids.

The decision to introduce the 27-year-old model to Jolie and Pitt’s kids would depend on when their children are ready to meet her. And Pitt and Angelina Jolie should respect their children’s wishes in this regard.

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