Angelina Jolie health: Brad’s ex allegedly weighs less than daughter Shiloh


Angelina Jolie, allegedly, weighs less than her daughter, Shiloh.

Three years ago, Star claimed that the weight of Angelina Jolie was down to just 78 pounds. Shiloh was 11 years old then and a source claimed that she weighs more than her mom.

The tabloid also claimed that Jolie was rushed to the hospital after her extreme weight loss. A source said that Jolie hadn’t been eating because of her divorce from Brad Pitt.

According to the insider, Jolie was feeling lightheaded and she was also on the verge of passing out that’s why she was rushed to the hospital. And even though she and Pitt were no longer together, the latter decided to intervene.

Pitt, allegedly, urged his ex-wife to start eating properly for the sake of their six children.

Angelina Jolie allegedly struggling after Brad Pitt divorce

Angelina Jolie allegedly struggling after Brad Pitt divorce

In the same year, the tabloid claimed that Jolie’s custody battle against Pitt made her anorexic. This time around, the actress, allegedly, weighed 76 pounds.

“She feels as if she’s being battered from all sides. Angie’s an emotional and physical wreck – and she’s on the verge of collapse. Angie has lost a lot of weight in the past when she’s under pressure, but it’s never been this bad. She’s practically living on ice cubes, and she’s so anorexic her skin is sagging and her bones are almost breaking,” a source said.

The insider also claimed that Jolie’s children are fed up with her behavior and they want to stay with their dad.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Jolie has never talked about her weight loss struggles. As such, this can only mean that they don’t exist.

A source told Hollywood Life that the Maleficent: Mistress of Evil star is hurt by all the rumors surrounding her weight and appearance.

“Angelina tries not to pay attention to what people say about her. She always tells her kids that what other people think about them is none of their business and she does her best to keep that mindset herself.  But when people are attacking her over her weight it is very hard not to take it personally, it hurts,” the source said.

According to Gossip Cop, Pitt didn’t also intervene after learning about Jolie’s hospitalization. After all, the actress was never rushed to the hospital. And the Ad Astra actor and Angelina Jolie have been living their separate lives since 2016.

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