Angelina Jolie helps two London kids whose story went viral

Angelina Jolie proves she has a heart of gold after helping two kids reach their goal to help other children in Yemen.

Angelina Jolie saw Ayaan Moosa and Mikaeel Ishaaq on the news, selling lemonade to raise money for the young Yemenis. The two boys, who live in London, put up a stand of their own to help other children.

Jolie extends a hand to help two boys from London

Moosa and Ishaaq have touched the heart of Jolie with their outstanding effort. Aside from the 45-year-old actress, the kids are also widely praised by the people in their community.

So, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife reached out to Moosa’s mother, Adeela, to know more about the boys’ advocacy. Upon learning their initiative, she quickly sent them some treats and a donation to reach their goal.

However, when Adeela told Moosa and Ishaaq about what Jolie did, they had no idea who she was, Lainey Gossip noted.

Well, with their young age, they were probably more focused on fun and games rather than big Hollywood movies.

So to introduce Jolie to the kids, they watched her movie, Tomb Raider, putting Maleficent next in line. Surely, they would know more about her upon the release of her new Marvel movie, The Eternals.

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A letter of commendation from Angelina Jolie

According to Ilford Recorder, Moosa and Ishaaq are the best of friends.

They are nominated for the Recorder and Redbridge Rotary Club’s Young Citizens Award for their move to raise money for the Yemen Crisis Appeal.

They have initially raised a whopping £5,000 by only selling lemonade. Hence, Jolie can’t help herself but send the kids a letter to commend their work.

The famed humanitarian thanked the boys for their initiative to help the Yemeni children.

“I’m sorry I’m not able to buy a lemonade from you,” she said. “But I’d still like to make a donation to your stand.”

The start of Moosa, Ishaaq’s journey to help

Moosa hopes their story will continuously be featured across the world so that it can reach more people.

He also aspires to raise more money to have “trillions of dollars” to help Yemen’s starving children.

In total, Moosa and Ishaaq have raised over £52,000 through the Yemen Crisis Appeal. About £15,000, reportedly, comes from their lemonade stand and continuous publicity.

The two started their lemonade stand on July 5 outside their house in Ilford. They initially thought to have only raised £100 and asked their classmates to come.

As the story went viral, they had raised nearly £5,000 and thousands more.

“If we don’t help the children in Yemen, they might get sick and die,” Ishaaq sadi.

Surely, this cause has touched Angelina Jolie.

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