Angelina Jolie insults Jennifer Aniston, calls her ‘boring’ during peace talks: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston, allegedly, decided to extend an olive branch at Angelina Jolie to help the latter sort her issues with Brad Pitt.

According to New Idea, Jennifer Aniston invited Jolie out for dinner, and the Friends star was surprised that her alleged nemesis accepted the invitation.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt planning to move in together

During their conversation, Aniston, allegedly, told Jolie that she wants nothing but the best for her and Pitt’s six children. Since Aniston and Pitt are, allegedly, moving in together, The Morning Show wants the actor’s kids to stay with them.

However, this revelation didn’t, allegedly, sit well with Jolie. And the Maleficent star, allegedly, insulted Aniston.

“Jen pretty much walked into an ambush. It became evident as soon as they sat down that Angelina is hugely bitter about everything – the split from Brad, him getting back together with Jen, and Jen bonding with her children,” the source said.

Angelina Jolie allegedly insulted Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Jolie allegedly insulted Jennifer Aniston

Jolie was, allegedly, seething at Aniston that she told the latter that Pitt would get bored with her again like last time. And the Ad Astra will just move on to the next interesting woman that he could date.

“Jen was shocked. Rather than discuss co-parenting rationally, Angelina attacked her weakest spots. Jen doesn’t like to admit it but it stung, and it drew tears to her eyes,” the source said.

Jennifer, Angelina’s recent meet-up was a mistake

The insider claimed that the reason why Aniston and Pitt wanted to meet-up with Jolie remains unknown. But the A-listers’ reunion after 15 years wasn’t successful.

“I don’t know what possessed Brad and Jen to think the meet-up would be a good idea. Everyone knows Ange can be volatile at the best of times. Jen is reliving her old insecurities. Poor Brad feels like his divorce from her will haunt him for the rest of their lives,” a source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Aniston and Jolie didn’t meet up for their so-called peace talks.

The tabloid published a photo of Aniston having dinner with a female pal. However, Jolie’s face cannot be seen in the photo. This proves that the photo was from a different outing.

Aniston has also been adamant at saying that she and Jolie aren’t feuding. And even after her split from Pitt, they never fought with each other.

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, the Emmy nominee called the feud rumors old and silly. Aniston also encouraged everyone to move on.

As for Jennifer Aniston and Pitt, the two aren’t back together. As such, there’s no reason for them to move in with each other.

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