Angelina Jolie jealous because she’s not as youthful as Brad’s girlfriend: Rumor

Angelina Jolie jealous because she's not as youthful as Brad's girlfriend: Rumor

Angelina Jolie is, allegedly, refusing to introduce her children to Brad Pitt’s girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski.

According to In Touch Weekly, Angelina Jolie ordered her six kids to stay away from the model after learning that she and Pitt went to Chateau Miraval.

Angelina Jolie dislikes Nicole Poturalski due to a number of reasons

The Maleficent star isn’t also thrilled that Pitt is dating a much younger girl. Poturalski is 27 years old, while Pitt is 56 years old.

“Nicole is closer to Shiloh’s age than Brad’s! Angie thinks it’s inappropriate,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that there’s more to Jolie’s negative feelings than what she’s letting the public know. The mom of six is, allegedly, jealous of Poturalski’s beauty.

“Remember, Angie was once a model, too, and while she’s still gorgeous, that youthful look Nicole has is gone,” the source said.

Angelina Jolie making Brad Pitt's life miserable 

Angelina Jolie making Brad Pitt’s life miserable

Jolie, who has been pitted as an “evil ex-wife” by the different tabloids, is, allegedly, hurting inside. Even though she’s the one that kicked Pitt to the curb, it still burns her to see her ex-husband happy.

“If she runs interference between Nicole and the kids, she knows that will drive Brad crazy. It’s her way of punishing him for finding love,” the source said.

And seeing Pitt and Poturalski arriving in France and learning that they had a blast at Chateau Miraval, allegedly, stung the actress.

“If he had just brought her anywhere else, maybe Angie wouldn’t be so vengeful,” the source said.

In Touch Weekly isn’t the only tabloid who’s claiming that Angelina Jolie is keeping her kids away from Poturalski.

Brangelina’s latest feud

This week, Globe also claimed that Jolie banned Pitt from introducing their kids to Poturalski. A source claimed that Jolie is speaking with lawyers to make sure that Poturalski can’t go near her children.

Heat also claimed that Jolie asked Pitt to keep their kids away from his girlfriend. The Unbroken director is, allegedly, unimpressed with Poturalski’s background and the fact that she’s still married.

“The fact that Nicole’s already married makes her even more convinced that it’s a result of Brad’s midlife crisis. He’s been telling people that it’s serious and Nicole’s here to stay, but Ange has said there’s no way in hell she’ll let her within a yard of their children,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Angelina Jolie has more important battles to face like the custody of her kids to worry about Pitt and his new girlfriend.

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