Angelina Jolie lawyer shuffle good news for Brad Pitt, divorce attorney says

Angelina Jolie lawyer shuffle good news for Brad Pitt, divorce attorney says

Angelina Jolie and one of her lawyers parted ways amid her custody battle with ex-husband, Brad Pitt, and it’s good news for the latter.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s custody battle has been ongoing for four years already. However, her lawyer, Priya Sopori, filed a “Notice of Withdrawal of Attorney Record” on Oct. 9 with Los Angeles Superior Court.

She had been working alongside Jolie’s primary attorney Samantha Bley. Sopori’s move is good news for Pitt, according to divorce attorney Raoul Felder.

Angelina Jolie, lawyer, shuffle good news for Brad

Priya Sopori is leaving Angelina Jolie’s custody case against her ex-husband Brad Pitt. According to attorney Raoul Felder, her move is good news for the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star.

“It tells me if I were Mr. Pitt I’d be very happy based on these court documents because there are not many things worse than this that could happen. It’s basically saying that something bad is happening in the petitioners’ case,” Felder said per Hollywood Life.

“Either she is simply not following the lawyer’s advice or there is some reason the lawyer just wants to get off the case. So, I’d be very happy if I was Brad Pitt.”

Felder noted that reputable lawyers think very carefully before they give up a case. Thus, Sopori giving up on Jolie’s case doesn’t reflect well on Jolie. Instead, it sends out a completely negative message for the Maleficent star. He was also convinced that there was a story behind it.

“I suspect there must be more to the story. But we really can’t tell anything from this document except that the lawyer is saying, ‘Hey judge I want to get out and I don’t want to defend this woman anymore,'” he added.

“Lawyers are not in the business of walking away from their clients, particularly a reputable firm like this, so there is a sub story here somewhere and it isn’t good for Angelina.'”

Jolie losing the case rumors

In August, Angelina Jolie asked to fire the judge overseeing her divorce and custody case against ex Brad Pitt. An insider claimed that that the Changeling star did it as a delaying tactic because the odds were not in her favor.

“She has every right to do this, but if she thought she was in a good place in this legal proceeding, she wouldn’t need to do it,” the tipster said.

“This is a classic case of someone expecting a bad decision trying to delay the process by asking for a new referee.”

Meanwhile, another lawyer advised Jolie to be cooperative in her legal battle against Pitt. Divorce lawyer Christina Previte said Jolie will look bad if she resists the process and avoids the real issue.


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