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Angelina Jolie not to share joint legal, physical custody of kids with Brad Pitt: Source says


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a temporary custody agreement with their children.

However, a source told Us Weekly that Jolie doesn’t want to share joint legal and physical custody of her kids with Brad Pitt.

Another source told the magazine that Jolie is fighting to have Judge John W. Ouderkirk to be removed from the case. After all, she wants to make sure that she will win over Pitt.

Angelina Jolie wants to be able to travel with informing Brad Pitt

The Unbroken director is, reportedly, after her freedom to travel everywhere with her children without having to be constrained because of her agreement with Pitt.

“She wants to travel the world as she chooses, either by herself or with the kids,” She’d allow the children to visit their father fairly frequently, provided it didn’t interfere with their schooling,” the source said.

Brad Pitt doesn’t want his kids not to have a permanent home

However, Pitt doesn’t have any plans to back down. He’s reportedly fighting tooth and nail to make sure that he will also have custody of his kids one way or another.

“He won’t consent to a life of semi-permanent travel like the kids had in the early years of their lives. A permanent move is off the table, period,” the source said.

The source also revealed that three of Jolie and Pitt’s children had not seen their dad in years. Maddox, Pax, and Zahara are old enough to decide if they want to see the actor. And they’ve ultimately refused to have a relationship with Brad Pitt.

Brangelina’s relationship deteriorated

Before Jolie requested for the judge’s removal, her relationship and Pitt was starting to improve. According to reports last month, the exes were more cordial than ever.

However, things changed after Jolie accused Pitt’s legal counsel of having a professional relationship with Ouderkirk. However, Pitt’s lawyer argued that Jolie also has a relationship with the judge because he’s the one that presided over their wedding.

“Brad feels that Angelina has thrown yet another wrench into things, and he’s saying he’ll stop at nothing to protect his family. He loves his children dearly, and he’ll be damned if he’s going to roll over without a fight,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. It is unlikely for Brad Pitt and Jolie’s thoughts on their ongoing feud to be shared with the public. After all, they have been very protective of their divorce proceedings and their children.

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