Angelina Jolie on Shiloh inspiring recent movie role

Angelina Jolie on Shiloh inspiring recent movie role

Angelina Jolie recognized her daughter, Shiloh, for her role on Disney+’s The One and Only Ivan.

Angelina Jolie is very proud of her upcoming movie that will debut at the end of this month. However, she had her daughter to thank for because it was Shiloh who introduced her to Ivan’s world.

Angelina Jolie mentioned Shiloh’s influence in her movie role

Angelina Jolie spoke with Entertainment Tonight about her upcoming movie. The Changeling star shared that her firstborn with ex Brad Pitt was the first to read the book about Ivan, a captive gorilla. Shiloh loved the book and shared it with her.

Jolie took the time to read the book on her own and even discussed with Shiloh why she loved it. From there, the celebrity mom started to ask around if there was a project inspired by the book.

The Maleficent star learned that it was already being made into a film. However, it was still in the works at the time, and they were still figuring it out.

Now that Jolie was part of the production, she shared that she wanted to stick with the story of the book as possible.

Jolie praised the cast

In a separate interview with ET, Angelina Jolie expressed her joy that she became part of the movie. She also proudly introduced her co-stars.

“It’s really nice to be a part of something that you feel has something really good to say,” Jolie said.

“Ivan is played by the brilliant  Sam Rockwell. Danny DeVito is playing Bob,” Jolie said about her co-stars who voiced the titular gorilla and a dog, respectively.

“There’s so many people — and also Chaka Khan! So, the greatest casting ever,” she added.

Shiloh snubbed Jolie’s Maleficent movie

Angelina Jolie also shared a fun fact about her daughter, Shiloh, in another interview. The celebrity mom of six shared that they joked about Shiloh playing the old Aurora in Maleficent. However, Shiloh found it ridiculous.

“She would never even wear a dress. She would never, ever,” Jolie said, explaining Shiloh’s objections.

The Eternal star added that Shiloh wanted to play another character named Marcus. However, Jolie, herself, wasn’t aware of it.

“She wants to be somebody named Marcus. I said, ‘Do you…have any interest [in playing Aurora]?’ And she said, ‘No, I’ll be Marcus.’ And I said, ‘Who is Marcus?’ She said, ‘Marcus has horns and a bow and arrow.’ So, I don’t know who Marcus is, but in her mind, there’s a whole other character named Marcus,'” Jolie added.

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