Angelina Jolie penned sweet tribute for moms on Mother’s Day

Angelina Jolie penned sweet tribute for moms on Mother’s Day

Angelina Jolie got candid and emotional in her letter for all the moms in the world on Mother’s Day.

Angelina Jolie, a mother of six, celebrated Mother’s Day by writing a sweet letter for all the moms out there. She also mentioned her late mom Marcheline Bertrand and revisited their bond as mother and daughter.

Angelina Jolie recalls the pain of losing her mom

Angelina Jolie started her letter by recognizing those who lost their mom like her. She understood that celebrating Mother’s Day without a mom is not easy.

Jolie was only in her 30s when her mom, Marcheline Bertrand, passed away. According to the Maleficent star, her mother’s death changed her. It wasn’t sudden, but there was so much inside her that shifted.

“Losing a mother’s love and warm, soft embrace is like having someone rip away a protective blanket,” Jolie wrote.

She recalled what she did after her mom’s demise. According to her, she got a small tattoo with the letter “W” that stands for the Rolling Stones’ song “Winter” because her mom used to sing her that song when she was a baby.

The tattoo has slowly faded away and looked like the letter “m” on her hand. Jolie said that as it faded, so did the feeling of home and protection that her mom used to provide to her.

“I loved my mom,” Jolie added.


Jolie recognized refugee mothers

According to Angelina Jolie, through refugees, she realized that a mother is the strongest person on earth. Moms are driven by love and loyalty.

Joie noted that when moms ask for help and get rejected, they weep but will never give up. In addition, when her child is denied of safety and shelter, she will still fight for her child simply because she is a mother.

Jolie added that women who are abused aren’t weak, and they are often mothers. They are those who are ready to stand between their child and harm.

“So to the mothers everywhere who feel helpless — yet who still give every last bit of energy, every last bite of food and the only blanket to their children — I honor you,” Jolie added.

For those who are grieving on Mother’s day, Jolie wished that they will find consolation and strength in their memories with their dear moms.

Jolie penned a letter for parents amid COVID-19 pandemic

Angelina Jolie also penned a letter for parents amid the coronavirus lockdown. According to the Changeling star, parenting is more challenging due to the pandemic.

She understands that some struggle to provide their children’s needs after being forced to stay at home and skip their jobs. Jolie reminds moms and dads that they do not need to be perfect because kids do not need perfect parents; they need honest ones.

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