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Angelina Jolie planning to adopt another child from foreign country rumor debunked


Angelina Jolie was allegedly planning to adopt another child from a foreign country, according to a report.

Angelina Jolie loves kids, and it is evident in her family. Three of her six children were adopted from different countries. An outlet claimed that she wanted to add more to her brood.

Angelina Jolie wants to adopt another baby rumors

Angelina Jolie was allegedly visiting orphanages in hopes of adopting another baby, according to a report from OK! magazine last year. The Maleficent star wanted an addition to her brood and was eager to have a seventh child, the outlet noted.

Jolie wanted to make the adoption years ago, but her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, wasn’t supportive of the idea because, for him, their six children are already enough, an unknown source said. However, the Salt star planned to pursue the adoption when their divorce would be finalized.

The 45-year-old star allegedly made the “preliminary enquiries” already in countries like Haiti and Syria. She also inquired in Ethiopia and other parts of Africa. Jolie was allegedly planning to visit more orphanages.

Adoption rumor debunked

The reports about Angelina Jolie adopting another child is not true. An impeccable informant spoke with Gossip Cop and confirmed Jolie had no plans to adopt another child. Also, she wasn’t visiting camps across the world.

Jolie is still embroiled in a custody and divorce battle with her ex, Brad Pitt. At present, she has repeatedly said, her focus is on her kids. So, adding more to her brood is unlikely.

The rumor-debunking site also noted that OK! made the same allegations about the Wanted star adopting another baby in 2018. It claimed that Jolie was adopting a baby boy from Syria, which didn’t happen.

The outlet added that Jolie being open about her adoption experience may have prompted the tabloid to create the adoption stories. However, at present, she had a lot on her plate to add a new child to her brood.

Jolie’s adoption experience

Angelina Jolie adopted three children. She adopted Maddox from Cambodia in 2002 and Pax from an orphanage in Ho Chi Minch City, Vietnam. Pax was already 3 when she adopted him.

Jolie also adopted Zahara in 2005 from Ethiopia. The humanitarian and UN special envoy got her when she was only 6 months old.

Jolie spoke fondly of her three adoptive kids, and she is very careful with them. In her previous interview, she shared that “orphanage” and “adoption” are positive words at their home. However, she avoids talking about pregnancy when she is with her adoptive kids.

“With my adopted children, I can’t speak of pregnancy, but I speak with much detail and love about the journey to find them and what it was like to look in their eyes for the first time,” she said.

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