Angelina Jolie reacts on Brad Pitt’s new romance with Nicole Poturalski

Angelina Jolie, allegedly, revealed her reaction to Brad Pitt’s new romance with the German model Nicole Poturalski.

Amid the continuation of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce, rumors have it the latter already found his new love. However, it looks like the 45-year-old actress does not care about his ex’s dating life unless it has something to do with her.

Jolie’s reaction to Pitt’s new love life

Pitt’s dating life will remain a “non-factor” for Jolie unless it involves “a major thing” in both of their lives.

The 56-year-old actor was, reportedly, seen kissing the 27-year-old model before boarding a private jet going to his chateaux in South of France. The two, allegedly, acted like “loved up teenagers” as they made their way to Pitt’s home, which he used to share with Jolie.

So, what could the Maleficent star say about it?

“Angelina cares who Brad is dating if it will affect their kids,” a source told HollywoodLife. “But other than that, she has no interest in knowing about his love life.”

The insider continued she no longer had any romantic feelings toward Pitt.

“So on that level, it’s a non-issue,” the tipster revealed.

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Pitt, Jolie’s ongoing divorce case battle

News about Pitt’s new love life came after Jolie wanted Judge John W. Ouderkirk to be out of their divorce case. The humanitarian claimed Ouderkirk had failed to disclose his relationship with the Ad Astra star’s lawyers.

The judge denied Jolie’s claims, insisting he had not been “biased” against her, Daily Mail noted. He also countered that he had the right to continue working amid the issue about their divorce.

“I will continue to consider accepting other cases as other additional cases may arise from time to time while the Jolie/Pitt case is still pending,” Ouderkirk said in court documents ET obtained.

“Such other cases might involve a party, lawyer‚ law firm and/or witnesses involved in the Jolie/Pitt matter,” he added. He also vowed he would continue and remain impartial in Pitt and Jolie’s family dispute.

Pitt’s camp accused Jolie of “deliberately trying to delay” their longstanding divorce battle.

However, the award-winning actress’ lawyer, Samantha Bley DeJean, shut down the issue. She stressed that all her client wanted was a “fair trial based on facts.”

“The only way litigants can trust the process is for everyone involved to ensure that there’s transparency and impartiality,” she said in a statement Us Weekly.

DeJean added that Angelina Jolie wanted no special favors extended to either her or Brad Pitt’s side to solve their divorce issues.

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